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And The Mother Of Year Award Goes To...

This morning my high school best friend who lives in my building texted me: “Um, I pretty much dressed the baby in the elevator, today.” She was looking for me to make her feel less guilty about rushing around to get out of the door, the baby to day care and herself to work. No prob. I texted back. This is my life.

“No worries. I’m wearing Converse sneakers to the office today and JD ate mini muffins on the way to school because I kept hitting the snooze button. I’m also 97% confidant he’s wearing a PJ shirt with Adidas pants. He wanted to wear his ‘green robot shirt.’ I let him!”

Working and motherhood is doable but, I admit hard sometimes. After you factor in the guilt of leaving your child at preschool from 7:15 AM to 6 PM (I do), you have to contend with laundry, bookkeeping, chores—my house looks like someone broke into a toy store and was searching for something FBI warrant style! There are also pine needles everywhere from the dead, crunchy tree in my living room. Must.Remove.This.Weekend.

Then mid-day my Dad calls to tell me he thinks JD is sad about his “Dad.” KillJoy! “I found him to be thinking and in deep thought yesterday when I was watching him. He was thinking about him, Christine.” My Dad broke this awesome assumption to me while I was neck deep in clothes I was packing for a photo shoot I’m styling on Monday in NYC. “Maybe he is sad Dad. But being sad is apart of life. So is being happy. I'm at work. Byeee!" My son is fine and he was probably thinking about me and why he saw me for forty minutes this whole week. Or let's get real, Disney Aulani, Philly or his dog. And if JD is thinking about this guy, this D.A.D—then I hope he's thinking about his son in NJ. All the time.

To end a day that started with PJ shirt daywear (ah, so chic—bananas!), a crappy Dad revelation from my Dad, I served...frozen pizza and frozen mixed veggies to JD for dinner with delish, wholesome milk. He loved it!

I may not be Mother of the Year—but I’m we're surviving thriving. I accomplished my goals at my freelance job today. I picked up JD when the sky was still pink—not black (this is epic!!!). We ate, played and danced. And my kid is currently asleep. Tomorrow, we're hitting the Jersey Shore. Love the beach in winter. It's magical. Live and love the life you lead. Have a little faith in me...

Share a crazy mom story to make my friend and me feel better about today PLEASE. XO

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*Full disclosure: Disney Aulani is a press trip.