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Apartment Living With A Child: There's NO Room!

JD and I live in a two-bedroom condo. There’s a spacious office nook, kitchen with breakfast bar + table, washer/dryer (SCORE!), my room with one walk-in closet (SCORE) and one spare closet. JD’s room is painted green and overlooks the grassy courtyard and patio. The bathroom is huge! The living room is spacious. One problem: No playroom. This means every inch of my condo is dedicated to JD. Even the balcony, which hosts a water table and chalkboard easel. The fridge and pantry closet display his art. The tub is filled with a net bag of bath toys and cars. My desk has a collection of painted rocks (or paper weights) on it and my bed usually has a stuffed toy or two from JD’s room on it. Now as for the living room.

In addition to a couch, ottoman (that transitions into a snacking table -- SCORE), bookcase (7 of my art books - rest of the space is for JD's 100 books), 42 inch flat sceen TV mounted on the wall there’s also: a Noah's Ark themed kiddy table, play kitchen (shopping cart and tub of food), Lightening McQueen rug (thanks uncle Bri iii-yiii-iii), a large wicker basket of Legos (kind of a chic way to store em, btw), Luigi’s tire shop (and multiple ramps and Thomas the Tank Engine toys that I store under the kiddy table). Did I mention JD has a train table in his room? Yeah. It has huge storage draws which I LOVE. JD’s other 500 toys are stored in the spare closet in MY room. Two kitchen cabinets with three shelves is JD's arts 'n crafts storage. The closet in my office nook houses all of his outside toys (balls, bubbles, T-ball...) Anyway, sometimes I feel like I live at JD’s condo. Hahaha. Currently my living room looks like this:

It’s a creation of Matchbox cars. It’s special. It’s been like that for three days. I walk over it. I have a friend from NYC coming for the weekend. I want to throw all of the cars into the green basket in JD’s room where they live. Not sure I will be able to, without tears, that is. Iiiii-yiii-iiiiiii!

Does your kid rule your house? Do you have a playroom? I want a playroom!!!

Have a great weekend!

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