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Are You Freaked Out By Your Married Friends?

I have a single mom friend who often feels uncomfortable hanging out with married couples and their kids. “I feel like the third wheel,” she’s said. “Or like it makes *Danny feel bad because his friend *Jen has a dad, but he doesn’t.” I personally have no problem spending time with traditional families, despite that I’m part of a modern family. I think it’s important for JD to see other types of families, just like I think it’s important for families comprised of mom-dad-2 kids-and a golden retriever to educate their kids on the modern family. Most of my friends are married with kids and I love spending time with them. We have taco Tuesday, barbeques in the summer and spend evenings at our houses enjoying a glass of wine while our kids play. Most recently, I took JD bowling for the first time with our friends Dustin, Megan and Riley who is almost 2. We had a ball! After the jump, some really cute pics!

JD loved bowling (well rolling the ball down the lane) but he was more fascinated with the fan on the machine that spit out the bowling balls. I love this pic!

When I told JD we were going bowling with Dustin, Meg and Riley he was excited and couldn’t wait to hang with…Dustin! He loves his little bud Riley, but Dustin is great about making JD feel special and always high-fives him. I really appreciate the guy-time JD gets from Dustin. It’s super important for single moms raising boys alone, to find awesome male role models for their boys to pal around with (this is a #1 priority in my life.)

Looking for a toy bowling set to use at home (it's a great way to beat winter boredom)? JD and I love this Little Tikes option. We bowl in the kitchen! (I do not endorse Little Tikes.)

Single parents, do you feel awkward hanging out with married couples and their kids? Why or why not?

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