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Awkward Single Mom Moment: Someone Thought My Brother Was My Husband

After Uncle Bri took JD to the Pediatrician for me, JD asked him if they could go to the “lunch store.” This is code for Wendy’s. Bri called and asked me if it was OK—I said yes. As they were on line waiting to order a chicken nuggets kids’ meal, one of JD’s school friends, *Bob, walked in with his Mom. We don’t have that many play-dates with his school friends, because JD has his friends from the town where I grew up, so needless to say, seeing a friend out of school was epic and JD went bonkers! “Bob!”

Uncle Bri turned around and said hello to Bob and his mom and his mom said, cringe, “Oh hello, so nice to meet you, I see your wife at school all the time.” Cringe. Ew. Gag me.Gag me again.

I’m not married to my brother.

Uncle Bri quickly corrected her and said, “That’s my sister.”

When he told me this story, I asked him if he told Bob’s mom that I was a single mom and he said, “No, why would I?” Um, because she thought we were married."Your husband could have been at work and I could have been chilling with my nephew, ya know? You don't have to tell the world you're a single mom just because of your blog and book. People can google you and a million hits later, they'll know," he said with a smirk. MAKING FUN OF ME. BROTHERS!!!

Have you ever lied about your marital status? I have. Read this.

After the initial ew-factor, I relaxed and found it kind of…nice. It basically reminded me that biology has nothing to do with fatherhood. Uncle Bri took JD to the Pediatrician when he was sick—then out for lunch. Then he watched him until I got home from work. He does what fathers do—he takes care of his nephew and loves him—he IS like a dad, closet guy to it. Uncle Brian survived Sesame Place. Enough said.

Has anyone ever made the mistake of thinking your brother, dad, guy-friend was your husband? How did you feel? Did you correct them? Haha!

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