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Back to Pre-School After A Break

First off, Happy New Year! So, I was prepping JD all weekend for school this morning, reminding him that he gets to tell his teachers what Santa brought him and play with Peter and Sophia. He’s been on winter break since December 23, so getting him back into the swing of things isn’t that easy. (He was also out of school prior to that because he was sick.) After dinner last night I called JD into the kitchen and told him to pick out two juice boxes for his lunch bag, but he said, “No, I wanna stay with you.”

I walked him over to the fridge and helped him select two different flavors—apple-carrot and peach-pear. Then I asked him to pick out his snacks, but he ran away, declaring, “No!” I didn’t push. I let him play with his new Christmas toys and packed his bag of food. I packed chicken nuggets and leftover steamed broccoli for lunch, sliced up half a green apple and a few strawberries and carefully selected a bunch of cherry tomatoes. Teddy bear cookies, pretzel sticks, fish-shaped crackers, an applesauce cup and a sippy cup brimming with juice and water—check. What else can I pack to comfort him, I thought? I threw in a box of raisins—Blah! Just as I was about to zip his bag up, I noticed a sticker book sitting on the counter. His Godmother gave him a Cars activity book for Christmas. I quickly started dotting his sippy cup with McQueen, Sally, Mater and of course, little Guido. I know, he’ll get a kick out of this when he wakes up from his nap—I hope, anyway. (When potty-training JD, I let him decorate his potty with Cars stickers and he thought this was the coolest thing EVER.)

I got JD up extra early this morning so we could get some play-time (cars and cartoons) in. We also colored over cereal and blueberries. We drove to school pointing out big Mack trucks, a yellow house, the melting snow and a lawn that was decorated with plastic toy soldiers. When we pulled into the parking lot, JD got quiet and when I went to put him down, he said, “No,” so I carried him, the lunch bag and his blanket/sheet bag in. Once in the classroom, he clung to me, until I finally peeled his arms from around my neck. I dropped his lunch in the heat-up bin and walked over to his cubby. Down on my knees, I helped JD take his jacket, hat and gloves off. His little friends surrounded me like bees on honey and when I told JD to say hi, he buried his head into my chest. I usually have to chase him for a kiss, but, like I said, the week off put a kink in things. I hugged him, kissed him, said I love you, I love you, I love you and told him there was a cool surprise in his lunch bag, but he still held on to me. When I stood up, he grabbed my leg and when I started to walk away, his little body moved with me. I removed him, hugged him again and said I love you again. And then I said bye and told him to go play with Peter. He didn’t move, but I had to walk away. I lingered in the hallway and looked through the big glass window. I watched as he stood there by himself while the rest of the class enjoyed free play before circle time. He had his finger in his mouth. KILL ME. Then Peter came over with a block, handed it to him and the two turned their backs and walked to the rug. Good. I felt much better as I left and headed to work. Long time to be away from my little guy after so much cozy time together. See ya at 6 P.M., I thought. KILL ME. Normally, I don't feel like this (I think school is important and I obviously have to work), but the week off was great and relaxing, and we got used to it. As a single mom, JD is very attached to me. Very. Well, I'm just as attached to him.

Did your kids have a hard time going to school this morning? Did you pack an extra snack or write a special note? Please share.

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