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Bed Stealers: Do Your Kids Crash In Your Bed?

Last night I collapsed in my bed after a long day that started at 5:30 AM: Breakfast, Pre-school drop-off, freelance work at a magazine office until 5 PM, dinner at the diner with my Mom and JD, play-time, shower, books and bed for JD, then back to work for me. I teach an online writing class and I’m in the middle of a four-week session. When the chat session ended, I dove into my bed and turned on the TV. By 11 PM I was half-asleep and turned off the tube. At 11:30 PM I heard little feet…

I was lying on my side, under the covers and didn’t budge. I was curious what would happen. JD ran to the other side of my bed, climbed in, got under the covers and melted into my back. I turned over and looked at him. His beautiful brown owl eyes were open.

“What’s up, bud?” I said.

“Um, I woke up early and lonely in my bed,” he said in a squeaky voice. OMG the cuteness. I allowed him to stay and since I was awake I posted a cute Faceook status: "Um I love that my tiny roomie just snuck in bed thinking I was asleep. busted. #cosleepingtonight

When I woke up this morning I noticed a lot of comments (thanks, guys xo!). My favorite was from JD’s friend’s Dad. He wrote: “We had a tough time (still having one) with our girls. *Kelly wouldn't sleep in her bed - preferred a nest of blankets on the floor. *Sara was coming into our bed which wasn't working out at all, and the past couple of nights has been on the LR [living room] couch. Frankly, as long as she's not in our bed she can sleep where she likes.”

I so get this! Parents, we need our sleep. We must stop our children. They must Go the f*ck to sleep. Click here to have a laugh. Ya gotta hear this!

I replied: “I have a big bed. If we can both sleep - I don't care! Haaahaaa”

He replied: “Well, that's the problem. There's not enough room for us all.” (He’s married with 2 kids.)

I replied: “One benefit of single parenting!”

And really it is. There is plenty of room in my Queen-size bed. It’s my policy not to have a sleepover with a date, or even have a date in my bedroom when JD is home and sleeping. I never have to worry about JD catching me with a guy or sleepily crawling in next to one (this happened to a single mom I know. Eeeeps!).

Read about how to handle getting caught in the act. Dr. Leah Klungness shares some great advice here.

Yes, I realize there may come a day when there is a man in my bed. That day is not tonight. Which means, tonight I will sleep with or without JD in my bed. This really matters to me. I really like sleep. I miss college naps.

I was quoted in this New York Post story about co-sleeping.

Share your sleeping stories. XO

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*Names changed