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Birthday Gifts from Kids: Here's What JD Got Me!

My 30th birthday is this Sunday. My friends from high school took me out to dinner this week and gave me a gift certificate to a spa—so excited! I could really, truly use a spa day. My brother Carlo cooked dinner for me this past Sunday and staged a little family birthday party. He’s traveling to Florida with his family to visit his in-laws tomorrow, so he won’t be here for my actual 30th. I can always rely on Carlo to do something special for me. He’s very aware there is no one to take JD shopping for my birthday or Mother’s Day gifts, so he always takes him shopping so he can pick out a treat for me (and not that I really want or need anything, but this is truly the meaning of, it’s the thought that counts.) Wanna see what JD got me?

I wear a gold floating heart around my neck pretty much every day. It was a gift from my parents on my 18th birthday. It was the birthday before I graduated high school and moved to Philadelphia for college. It’s a very simple piece and it reminds me of an exciting time and a fresh start—maybe that’s why I wear it every day.

Now it reminds me of my sweet JD. Carlo helped JD pick out a little gold charm—the letter J. JD has my whole heart so it’s fitting a J is now next to it on my favorite necklace.

Here are some pictures from my little party. And here's my blog on JD's 3rd birthday.

Deep breath, here I come 30.

Single parents, is there someone who takes your kid(s) shopping for special occasions like your birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day?

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