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Boom! We All Fall Down: Zuma Rossdale Broke His Arm

Doesn’t it, for lack of better words, suck, when our kids get hurt -- on our watch? This week Erin at Parenting Post blogged about her daughter Nora’s run-in with a plastic cup—she needed stitches! JD hasn’t had stitches yet (knock on wood), but he’s been to the ER 3 times to check his head. When he was nearly two, he tripped and fell in the MoMa. He didn’t fall from a great height and I don’t even know if he hit his head (I don't think so), but he did do a scary breath-holding thing and nearly passed out. I was alone in NYC with him—and hysterical. I calmed down, he calmed down and we drove to NJ. The whole time I was singing and keeping him wide awake. Before I went home, I went to the ER. He was fine.

Another time, I was in the kitchen making lunch and he was in his bedroom playing (we live in a small condo and I could totally see into his green room, if you can imagine). I called him for lunch, he ran full-speed ahead, fell and this time, legit, smacked his head into the wood frame of the couch. It was bad -- he was out for a few seconds -- it felt like an hour. I ran and got my cop neighbor next door. He helped me calm JD down, or perk him up, and even though he was smiling and drinking apple juice by the time the cop left, I went to the ER. My dad met me there. After I described the incident, the doctor said JD needed a CT scan! He enjoyed the ride in the rocket ship. And the free crackers and juice. He was fine. Another time, he ran and tripped down one small stair in my friend's kitchen that sunk where the table sat. He got an egg on his forehead 1-2-3 and my friend, Liss came to the ER with me. He was fine. There was nothing wrong with him. Sometimes I feel like I donate co-pays to the ER (I've shelled out $300 so far.) But, eh, I don't think I overreacted. You can't fool around when you hit your head.

I felt like CRAP. I still feel like crap and get that sinking stomach feeling when I recount these things. I am a tad crazy about JD hitting his head. So much, that when I tell him to slow down, he says, "So I don't crack my head open, Mommy?" Basically. Shame on me! He's really fast and excites easily and doesn't always pay attention to what's in front of him. He's a runner!

Well, Erin and other real life moms reading, we’re not the only ones feeling guilty over our kids' trips, falls, breaks and stitches. Hollywood mom, Gwen Stefani, rushed little Zuma, 3, to the hospital after he fell off the kitchen counter -- iiiiyiiiii-iiii! He broke his arm and needed to have a pin inserted into his wrist! I feel so bad for Gwen, partly because I often plop JD on the kitchen counter to put his socks and sneakers on and while I don’t leave him up there and he hasn’t fallen off (yet), I bet he could. I’m not putting him up there anymore. Read: My son got hurt at Daycare. DRA-MA

One of my Facebook friend's once posted: "Yep, Joey fell off the bed. I'll never forget that sound! Sigh"

Now you share a fall, trip, stitch story. We can all feel like crap together! Have a happy weekend! I have a nice mix of JD and adult plans to enjoy.

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