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Bragging Rights: Do You Gush About Your Kids?

A few nights ago I snuck out and left JD with his favorite babysitter and a tray of homemade mac ‘n cheese. I didn’t have a date or evening with the girls planned, I just had some shopping to do and knew if I brought JD along to the mall with me, I’d end up in the Disney store, the pet store, spending way too much money in Old Navy on 4T clothes and then chomping on buttery-delicious pretzels. Before I started my dress shopping for an upcoming celebrity-packed event, I stopped for a coffee and that’s where I ran into an old friend from elementary school! ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!

“Christine?” S said and I whirled around.

“S?” I said. “Wow! Hi! How are you? Wow!”

“How are you? Is it weird to say I know? I, I read your blog and read your book!” S said then hugged me.

We sat down at a little circular table and sipped our lattes.

“Your son is gorgeous. How is he? How’s it being a mom?” she asked.

And then I just went off, telling her everything…it went something like this.

Well, you know I’m a single mom and I have to say I just feel so lucky and blessed because it all fits so seamlessly. I mean, I don’t really think my life with my son is that different from my married mom friends, other than not having a husband. I work and he goes to an amazing pre-school. He’s finally potty-trained and such a chatterbox! Oh, the things that come out of his mouth. Yesterday he was in his room and I was in the kitchen and I heard him sneeze and before I could say “God bless you,” he appeared in the kitchen and said, “Mommy, I made a bless you!” And he’s such an artist. My entire kitchen is filled with his amazing artwork and seriously, I’m not talking a mish-mosh of crap glued to a piece of paper. When I give JD a plate of paints, he really just takes off and it’s so inspiring and it’s amazing to see him light up when he paints—he has this very satisfied and proud look on his face. Oh and he’s Mr. Manners, always saying please, thank you and excuse me. What an eater he is, too! It’s funny, he’ll pick tomatoes or raw red peppers over Oreos. He’s kind-hearted, always throwing his arms around me and kissing my lips. Out of nowhere he’ll say, “Mommy, I love you!” When we drive home from school, he’ll say “Mommy, I was missing you today!” Really, he’s a delight! He has shown me how to be more loving and compassionate and has completely calmed me down. He just changed everything about my life and when I first discovered I was pregnant and going to be doing this alone it was that immediate change, that intense shift in life and priorities that scared me the most, but really, that fear put a fire in me and I don’t know, it was like tunnel vision, eye on the prize…the prize is JD and that drive remains. It’s this constant feeling of having to do what’s best for JD that always pulls me back and keeps me sane and brings me from one day to the next. I love being his mom. It’s my whole world. I know how cheesy I sound, but it’s probably the truest thing I’ve ever said and meant. Blippity-blip-ta-da!

I loved catching up with S and gushing about JD—and I swear I didn’t chew her ear off. She raved about passing The Bar exam the first time out and flashed a sparkly engagement ring (BA-LING!), too. But the best thing about hearing myself speak so openly about my happiness with JD was that it just flowed so naturally (I felt like I'd just swigged 10 shots of espresso!) and it reminded me how lucky I am to be in this life. A lot of times when blogging, I find myself writing things like, 3 Tips for Young Single Moms or Here’s How To Stop Screaming At Your Kid or Things That Stress Me Out. As a blogger for a national magazine, I constantly feel a need to service readers and write snappy copy. I want single moms to relate to me and take away something. So, I hope you liked today’s post. It was from the heart, I didn't unload, it's tip-free and pretty much what I feel every, single day. Every, single day.

Now gush about your kids! What are they up to these days? Pretend you’re catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in ages, coffee and all. XO

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