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Brandi Glanville Puts LeAnn Rimes on Blast on Twitter! Tsk, Tsk.

Did you read about the recent public spat between Brandi Glanville and country singer LeAnn Rimes? Ugh, it’s cringe-worthy! As you all know, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn met while filming a Lifetime movie. The steamy sex scenes they filmed translated off-screen and the two began an affair. Eddie divorced Brandi, but it wasn’t a clean break because the couple has two kids, Mason, 7 and Jake, 3. They currently have equal custody over their children, which means LeAnn sees them a lot. She’s been photographed on the sidelines of Mason’s soccer games and walking hand-in-hand with Jake. This shouldn’t be a bad thing (this is the beauty of the modern family), but of course Brandi doesn’t see LeAnn as a step-mom—she sees her as the slutty woman who broke up her marriage. Putting that aside (I mean, Eddie and LeAnn are together and there are children involved), I think LeAnn is doing a nice job with the kids. Kill me, but I do.

If she wasn’t cheering Mason on at his soccer game or holding Jake’s hand in the street, we’d bash her! Well, Brandi sure is bashing her—on Twitter for all to see. It seems that Mason invited LeAnn to Bring Your Family to School Day and asked her to sing to his class. Of course, Brandi is insulted and I totally get it, but here’s the thing, I don’t think Mason gets it. He’s 7. His step-mom is a famous singer. It’s cool! Mason’s brain can’t understand the adultery and the emotions—Brandi should take that into consideration. She didn’t. Here’s the Tweet:

@leannrimes I told Eddie to please tell you that I think it is highly inappropriate for you to sing in my son’s class on Friday. Boundaries!!

@leannrimes It's Mason's week to share his family with the class. It isn't ur place. Let Eddie read a script. You are not his parent. RESPECT!

So immature of Brandi to put LeAnn on blast on Twitter. I do understand Brandi’s pain and frustration, but why not just call LeAnn? Why Tweet?

I’m so over all the step-mom hating. Gisele loves Bridget’s son, John and it’s also a bad thing. But, how come no one ever talks smack about Matt Damon who was recently photographed spending one-on-one time with his step-daughter, Alexia. When a dad shows love and affection, it's like, awwww, so sweet! I kind of feel the same way about single moms. We're not accepted by most Americans, but single dads are heros. ABC named Jason Mesnick The Bachelor, but they've yet to give a single mom a shot (single moms are only worthy of COMPETING FOR LOVE, NOT PICKING HER LOVE!) Such.A.Double.Standard.

Discuss. Discuss it all lovelies! Xo

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