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Can Single Parents Go On A Vacation Sans Child!?

Every now and then, my friend Kelly and her husband take off for two days and have a mini vacation in Atlantic City. Their daughter, CurlyQ, who is JD’s age, spends that time with her grandma and grandpa. My friend Matt and his girlfriend, Brooke are going to Istanbul today and Maddy is spending time with her grandparents (gotta love grandparents!!!). I think this is awesome. I think there should be a chapter in a parenting book about aborting your parental responsibilities and re-charging every now and then.

Me? I’ve left JD three times for one night in the past three years. When I went to Philly for a Rattled! reading. Again, when my friend got married and everyone got hotel rooms (so we could drink and not worry about driving) and a random night in NYC with my girlfriends.

These nights were blissful! As much as I love playing Diego rescues the baby jaguar from…between the couch cushions, being in mom-mode 24/7 and getting up every day at 6 A.M. or earlier is a lot. Yes, I work and get out of the house, but then I’m in work mode.

My last vacation where I truly relaxed was my Babymoon. Yep, I went on a Babymoon to Palm Springs by myself when I was about six-months-along. I wasn’t going to go, I was going to go, I wasn’t—I am so glad I did. (I went here and it was swank and I spent way too much money, d'oh). My pregnant friend, Jess and her husband are off to St. Thomas in a few weeks and I was like, GO AND DON'T LOOK BACK!!! And it’s not like I haven’t traveled since JD came along. We’ve been to California, Florida, the Bahamas—obviously, the Jersey Shore (what's up, NJ!). But I mean, you all know what a vacation with your young child is like—it’s awesome and fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also not really a vacation where you relax, drink frozen drinks and get a pedicure (at least not for me!). When JD and I went on the Disney Cruise, I chased him around the ship for 3 days and ate things shaped like Mickey mouse. Yes, it was ahhhhhhh-mazing and (LOL) exhausting. Read Single Parent Travel Tips.

So, I would like to follow my friend, Kelly’s lead and go on a mini-vacation by myself. Maybe a spa, maybe Miami—maybe I’ll get nuts and visit my friend in Paris this Spring for a long weekend. The other night over Play-Doh I casually mentioned this to JD.

“No, I wanna go with you!” he said.

“But you get to stay with Mema,” I said.

“But can I come with you, please?” he asked.

“Um, where do you want to go on vacation,” I asked.

Silence. Deep thought. JD was really thinking.

“A forest! And there are monsters there. And they’ll chop our heads off and then we’ll get all better and climb trees,” he said with such enthusiasm.

I envisioned this and thought, this is why I need a vacation (LOL!), as I rolled a piece of Play-Doh into what would be a dinosaur’s head—that JD would inevitably crunch up into a meatball.

But, as a single parent, I feel weird going on a vacation by myself. I feel like it’s wrong. I know how funny that reads, but it’s my reality. I mean, I feel kind of guilty when I go on a date for a few hours.

Do you go on mini-vacations sans the kiddos? Do you feel bad? Please share!

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