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Cars 2 Killed At The Box Office (And We LOVED It Too!)

JD loves cars. No, he really, really loves cars. My entire weekend was dedicated to cars. If you’re reading, then I have to believe you know exactly what this past weekend marked—the debut of Disney Pixar’s Cars 2. This was an epic event in my household and something that was marked on the calendar. We counted down. We crossed days off. With Cars stickers. We purchased a Cars 2 book that described the basic plot and we studied up. We bought all of the new cars: Francesco, Finn and Holley. We ate car-shaped pretzels. We pushed a Fisher-Price Disney Pixar Cars 2 Bubble Mater on the grass. And I did something top-secret, which kind of went along with the Cars 2 spy theme…

I purchased a child’s 8 Cars t-shirt (fit like a baby t-shirt—um, so cute!) without JD knowing and I hid it in my room. On Saturday, I dressed JD in his Cars t-shirt and told him to sit on the couch and hang out while I…peed (I fibbed). Next, I emerged wearing my Cars t-shirt. BAM!

JD went NUTS. It was like Christmas morning in my condo. It was like pigs flying!!

“Whoa! Mom-meeeeeeeeeeeeee! You have a Cars shirt on! That is the coolest shirt in the world! I have a Cars shirt! We are twins!”

He smiled so bright and examined my shirt, then threw his arms around me. I love being his mother.

We went to the movie. While some critics claim it was violent and showcased too much Mater (blah-blah-blah!!), my almost 4-year-old critic, JD, loved it. Loved every minute of it (and it made $68M this weekend!). Sat on the edge of the booster seat and yelled out “Queen!” He laughed at Mater’s silly jokes (and wasabi mishap) and jumped up at the first sight of Francesco and pointed at the screen, yelling “yeah, Francesco! Cool!” Watching this unfold and enjoying the film myself was a truly wonderful experience (that’s right, watching a cartoon in NJ on a Saturday night was heaven). My son is a happy, excited child in general, but seeing Cars 2 was X1000! He shoved fistfuls of popcorn into his mouth and turned to me and said, “I just love this popcorn so much. I will eat it all up!”

After the movie we went home, ate dinner and discussed Cars 2. “Why are those cars lemons, Mom?” Then we played a game of spy cars in the courtyard. Then we took all of his cars into the tub to wash them. Then we read the Cars 2 book two times in a row. JD fell asleep clenching his McQueen car. Over his head, on the wall, was a Cars Wall Mural Decal via WeeDecor. Iron décor cars I found at Home Goods were on the opposite wall and his rug was dotted with Matchbox cars like they fell from the sky. Cars-Cars-Cars!

I decided to watch Cars while JD was sleeping. That McQueen! Woo-eeee!


I watched Blue Valentine. That Ryan Gosling. WOW. Holy! I’ll be blogging about that next (so watch it!)

On Sunday we resumed our car-themed weekend by playing the Cars matching game, then strolling through the Wayne, NJ car show. Then playing car-wash at our pool. (This involves a water-wheel toy-placing a car under it-and making the wheel spin by pouring water from a watering can. Car wash!)


My son loves cars. I love supporting his passion!

What does your child love? Did you see Cars 2 this weekend? 

Disclosure: I don’t endorse Cars 2, Fisher-Price, or Wee-Décor – but I do love these products and so does JD. This is our life, folks!