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Do Hollywood Endings Exist In Real Life?

I didn’t have plans on Saturday night, so after JD went to sleep I ordered City Island On Demand. (Yes, I know how cool I sound.) I really had no clue what the movie was about but liked the crazy Italian family angle—and Andy Garcia is sexy. So, I’m issuing a major spoiler alert! But, I hope you’ll keep reading, because really, I think this movie changed my life.

It took seven books, a cup of milk and two trips to the potty to get JD down. After folding laundry and cleaning my office, I collapsed on my bed and started flipping through the channels, because I was too tired to read, but not tired enough to sleep. There was nothing good on, so I scrolled through the new releases listed On Demand. City Island!

In short, the film is about the The Rizzos, a family who doesn't share their habits, aspirations, and careers with one another. They just yell, use sarcasm and eat meatballs! Within moments of the opening scene, an intricate web of deceptions is revealed. Vince played by Andy Garcia is a corrections officer, but really aspires to be an actor, so he tells his wife, Joyce (Juilanna Margulias) that he’s playing poker, but really attending acting classes. She automatically assumes he’s having a hot affair, but should honestly be more concerned with her college daughter, who lost her scholarship for smoking pot and is stripping to pay her tuition—oh my! Her son Vince Jr. is obsessed with an obese woman next door and when he discovers her sexy, food fetish website he uses mom’s credit card to get in on the live stream action—yikes! Think that’s bad? The biggest lie of all is about to be set free. This lie has tormented Vince since he was 19-years-young!

Vince got someone he was casually seeing pregnant when he was 19. He gave her $7500 and took off. He never met or looked for his son. It wasn’t until he was calling roll at the prison where he worked, that he came face to face with his love child, Tony (Oh, I love him! He's soooo hot!). He was locked up for a petty crime and since he had no relatives willing to take him in, he had to serve 30 days behind bars. Guilt got the best of Vince—he brought his long-lost son home to his quaint City Island home, not disclosing to his family that this young man was his son. He hoped to keep this secret, but it just churned more in him and got too hot. He burst! He had a breakdown in the driveway and told everyone the truth. There were tears and hugs and then a BBQ. And everything is delightful!

A lot of time you read stories like this, I mean, you read it here on my blog and you think, how could someone just wash their hands of something so big, so huge and move on? Get married, have a kid, take family portraits, la-la-la!

Well, after watching City Island, (I know a dramatization) I found my answer. They don’t move on. They think about their child every, single day. They keep their secret, or live a convenient truth (she wasn’t really my girlfriend, she was pregnant, but had an abortion, I gave up my parental rights!). They tell only the people who need to know, but wonder if the person in the grocery store knows too.

For those of you wondering if your child’s father or mother (there was a mom who left her kiddos in the movie too!) is thinking about your kiddo, or living the good life with his new family, my assumption is that he’s doing both. Maybe he got married, but I bet he thought about his child on his wedding day. Maybe he had another baby, but I bet he thinks about his child when he changes his baby’s diaper. Maybe he can’t watch a movie or eat something or visit a city because it’s too familiar. Well, that’s no way to live. I mean, really, live. There’s always a tinge of something there…And as this movie might predict, timing is everything and sometimes things do work out. I love Hollywood endings, but do they exist in real life? Eh! Maybe.

 I liked this movie a lot! Have you guys seen it? Are there any movies or shows you like that help put your personal life into perspective?

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