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Comfort Toys and Blankets: Does Your Kid Have One?

When I was little I had a small baby doll that I named Shirley. She wore a blue dress, had a rubber, bald head and smelled like baby powder. She was “my thing”—you know, the comfort item I carried everywhere and needed—NEEDED to sleep with. My mom told me I once freaked out, because Shirley’s dress got ketchup on it and my mom needed to wash it in the washing machine—luckily the stain came out. (No clue where Shirley is.) My brothers had things too. Carlo’s was a white, fuzzy lamb (um, he still has it!) and Brian’s was a classic Winne the Pooh bear (missing in action). Yep, JD has a special thing—obvi!

Before he was born, my mom bought him a light blue blanket with light blue satin trim. JD will be four in August and still loves and needs his “Blanka.” There is a corner of Blanka that has pulls and fuzzies, because this is the piece that JD always holds. He is used to the way this piece feels and even calls it his “special piece.” When he's cranky and tired, he even goes as far to say, “Mooooooooom, I can’t find my special piece," as he searches all four corners. He reminds me of Linus.


Blanka has been to California, Florida, the Bahamas, the Jersey Shore, NYC, on planes, on a cruise and of course is a regular in our Jeep. I always get nervous traveling with Blanka and make it a priority not to lose it. I seriously consider Blanka to be an extension of JD (this probably reads a little insane—or not). Here are some pics of JD and Blanka on a plane to California circa April 2009.



JD has melted down in front of the running dryer waiting for Blanka to dry, because I try to wash it weekly. Knock on wood, I have yet to loose Blanka or even have a moment of panic when I couldn’t locate Blanka. Well, my friend, Regan did!

Her daughter, JD’s buddy, Morgan, has a special blanket too. Over Easter weekend they were traveling and stayed in a hotel and the blanket, gasp, got left behind. (Are you all thinking of the Toy Story 3 scene when the little girl leaves Lotso and Big Baby behind at the picnic area? Her parents quickly replaced the toys with new ones, but Regan wasn’t so lucky.) See, Morgan told her parents she didn’t want a new one, because it wouldn’t be “nice and dirty” like her old one. Regan called the hotel and it was located—thank God! The hotel sent it Fed-Ex and Regan even requested the tracking info (hardcore). I would have done the same thing, because there is no way I could pass a brand new blanket off as “Blanka.”

JD and Morgan.


Kids and their special things!

Does your child have a special something? Please share.



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