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Confession: I’m A Mom Micromanager

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment so an unnamed babysitter came over to help out. I trust this person completely, so I allowed him to take JD out in the car. But I completely mom micromanaged the situation.

When the babysitter arrived I told him not to leave the house until JD drank some juice and had some cheese and fruit. My kid needs snacks or he melts down. I then reminded babysitter to have JD pee prior to leaving the house. I provided babysitter with a water bottle and snack for the car. Then I left for the doctor. Sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, I called the babysitter.

“Did he eat his cheese and fruit?” I asked.

“No, he played with it,” babysitter said.

“Did you encourage him to eat it and make airplane noises or something?” I asked.

“No, he didn’t seem hungry,” babysitter said. Grrr. I would have negotiated ½ a cheese stick + 7 grapes.

“Where are you now?” I asked.

“Pulled over getting gas,” babysitter said. “I’m hungry,” I heard JD say in the background.

“This is why you give him a snack and make him pee prior to leaving,” I said. Did he at least pee?”

“I told him to, but he said he didn’t have to,” said babysitter.

“OMG, you still make him try!” I said. He always goes.

I hung up the phone, because I was called in for my appointment. My child was hungry with a full bladder. Great.

Forty-minutes later I checked in again, obviously.

“Did he eat?” I asked.

“No, we’re running errands,” babysitter said. “He did pee. In the parking lot.”

“WHAT!” I said. “When we left the mall I forgot to take him to pee and when we got outside he said he had to pee, so I let him pee. He’s a boy, it’s fine.”

“It’s fine to pee in the woods on a camping trip. It’s illegal to pee in a parking lot,” I said.

“Well we’re not in custody,” babysitter said. “We’re going to Wendy’s now.”

“It’s one! JD eats at Noon,” I said. “He's probably starving!”

“No, no, no I gave him Goldfish and he ate, like, the entire bag,” babysitter said.

“That’s a family size bag,” I said, SMH.

I hung up the phone and realized I am a control freak. So I got a manicure. JD was home an hour later with dried ketchup on his mouth. “To the bathroom, child,” I commanded.

Do you mom micromanage?

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