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Do You Ever Feel Like "Just" A Single Mom?

A milestone is taking place tonight! JD is performing in his school’s Spring Showcase. O.M.G I am so excited to see the singing and dancing numbers—especially since JD has given me tons of previews. Of course, I want to bring 20 people along to cheer JD on (and show him off) but when I asked the administrator at his school if guests were allowed she informed me only parents and siblings are invited since it’s a big class. Then she said since it’s “just me,” I can bring my parents or brothers along. “Just me?”

I love my son’s school and I love the administrators and teachers. The “just me” comment did not come off insulting at all—it’s a fact that I am a single mom and JD lives alone with me and his Dad is not around. I totally get why the administrator said “just me.” But, the “just me” got me thinking about other meanings not at all insinuated by this person.

Fact of the matter is, I never feel like a “just me” person. I am completely proud of myself for buying a car seat when I discovered I was pregnant and not walking away. All parents make sacrifices and I certainly did, but I don’t really feel like I gave stuff up and that is because JD has given me more than I’ve ever had or probably will—seriously this single mom/son bond we have going is unbreakable and undeniable.

Just me? Just me makes sure JD has balanced meals, brushes his teeth and is on track with his development. Just me drops JD off at school, works eight hours and picks him up to play, make dinner, do bath-books-bed routine. Just me handles the 105 fever at 10 P.M. and the ER visit to double check a fall at the playground. Just me loves, honors and cherishes our son. Just me has dance parties with JD in the living room and shares ice cream out of the same bowl. Just me takes him on lunch dates and taught him please, thank you and excuse me. Just me has nicknames for JD and inside jokes no one else will ever, ever get. Just me spends time at the park, zoo, beach and every other place that is JD-friendly. Just me is committed and in love. Just me is responsible. Just me was there from day one. And will always be there. Always.

Just me.

Just JD and me.

Do you ever feel like a “just me” single mom? I do. In the best possible way ever. Please share.

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