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Do You Let Your Child Watch Adult Programming?

As a single mom, I really value the time my brothers and dad spend with JD (Look at my dad and JD at this old car show - squuueee!). I think it’s really important that JD get regular guy-to-guy time. What that means, well...last night when my brother, Carlo, was over I found myself biting my tongue. See…

JD and Carlo were on the floor playing with a ramp toy that launches cars around a curled track. Carlo decided to put a little monkey from a Diego toy in the middle of the track and then said…

“Come on, bud, let’s get this car to kill the monkey.”

JD said, “Yeah, let’s kill it! Cool!”

Kill? Kill it? Kill the cute monkey? I didn’t say anything. The boys played and I washed dishes.

Next, I heard “Hey kids wanna hear a joke? So, a gynecologist walks into a bar…” I walked into the living room to find JD in Carlo’s lap—watching Family Guy.

“That bald baby playing the little piano is cool, Uncle Carlo,” JD said.

“His name is Stewie,” Carlo said.

“Stewie?” JD asked, then started laughing uncontrollably. "Stewie-woooeeeeeee!" he continued.


Seeing them sitting there and hearing JD laugh while all of the adult banter went completely over his head kept me from saying a word. A word about “killing the monkey.” A word about watching Family Guy. I handed them a bowl of orange swirl ice cream with two spoons.

Sometimes, I just need to chill and be thankful for the men in JD’s life. Normally, I would have jumped all over this. (I mean, I did just blog about a parent who ticked me off!) I really don't watch my shows in front of JD unless he is playing with something and not paying attention to the TV. I don't want him seeing Drida from Mob Wives kicking her shoes off and attacking Sammy the Bull's daughter, Karen, or Blair and Chuck getting busy on Gossip Girl. Haaa... As for Carlo and Family Guy, eh, it wasn’t worth it to make a big deal. And, after he left, JD and I went outside and blew bubbles with his little friend, Jack, 1, who lives in our building and it was very G-rated which balanced the other stuff out, I think...haaa. Nice night, all around! Read: Why Kids Need Heroes.

Would you have freaked out if your kid’s uncle said “kill the monkey?” or watched Family Guy with your kid? Share away! Have a happy day!

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