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Do Your Friends Have Kids?

I graduated high school in…1999. High school was a typical blast for me: Cheerleading, boyfriends, a new car, college tours—and of course best friends! My besties and I all went to different colleges, but we somehow remained best friends to this day. I’m talking about legitimate best friends, not just girlfriends who check in via Facebook once a month or run into each other at the mall and have an O.MG. we should totally get together soon (fake) moment! In fact, two of my best friends live in my building (one is JD’s Godmother). I thought my relationship with my friends might change when I became a single mom, because my life was so, so, so much different than my single, newly engaged, married and completely childless friends—instead the bond grew stronger. I credit my girlfriends as women who stood behind and beside me, since I was a child. Sure things changed…

At first, JD was the only baby in the group, so we quickly learned that hanging out was easier done at my place with takeout and wine—and many burp cloths. We swapped the bar for the ice cream store and I always had a free babysitter on hand. JD isn’t the only baby anymore. Two of my best friends have children of their own now, and one is 16-weeks-pregnant. I love that there is level playing field, because even though my friends were around for low-key nights at my house, I often wondered if they got it—or if they thought I was being dramatic for not wanting to take my two-year-old to the Italian café for dinner, wine and gelato at 7 P.M. I’m sure they understood, but now I know they really do.

Yesterday, my friend Liss, who lives in my building hosted a brunch for our friend, Renee’s 30th birthday. We all brought a dish—I made mesclun greens with strawberry slices, raspberries, blueberries, carrots and cucumbers tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Face it -- brunch out is a project with kids -- it's so much easier to eat at someone's home where there is carpet to play on, a clean changing table, tons of food and even a T.V. to entertain little ones, so the moms can RELAX. I love R&R at home; seeing the kids barefoot and smiley is bliss! Liss’ son, Rocco is nearly one and finally at the stage where he wants to play with JD—and my son loves entertaining him. (Prior JD would complain: "He's spitting on me and eating my toys, Mooooooom!" This is translation for baby slobber, or legit spitup -- and the fact that babies put everything in their mouths -- like JD's coveted cars.) Here they are playing with JD’s car and ramp toy. Love my boys!

Emma is about four-months-old and spent most of the brunch wide-awake, looking around and when it was time to feed her, my kiddo was eager to help. "I need to be gentle, Mom," JD said, as he held the bottle. Aw!

We spent the rest of the morning chatting, sipping coffee, eating bagels, French toast, fruit, salad and frittata—and toasting Renee’s 30th with mimosas and cake.

I love that my friends and I are still close and I know our kids will grow up the same way. (We just need to hide our Spring Break trip to Cancun, Mexico photo album from them. Because they sure as hell aren’t vacationing there when they’re in high school.)

Are you close with your high school friends?

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