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Does Gender Matter When It Comes To Friendship?

JD is four and has many girlfriends. He loves girls. I’m not kidding. If I ask him if he wants to have a play-date he says: “Yeah, call Lily’s mom!” If I ask him what park he wants to go to, he says: “Katelyn’s park!” This is a park near her house. He already had a first kiss. He kissed Lily. Amy, Lily’s mom and I witnessed this and then we encouraged them to do it again because it was cute and we are insane. After the jump images to back up my claim that my son is going to be a heartbreaker and have many fathers on his a*s.

Exhibit A: JD and Lily embracing

Exhibit B: JD and Anna holding hands

Exhibit C: JD and Morgan (um, Morgan is leaning in)

Exhibit D: JD and Katelyn "I wanna ride with Cake-lyn!"

Read about JD’s birthday party that had to be rescheduled because of Hurricane Irene. As a result the majority of the boys who were able to come could no longer make the new party date (stressful!). JD had a party with one boy and nine girls. Oh yeah! 

Now I realize part of the problem is me. My mom friends have girls. But, I have to admit all of my mom friends are newish friends, meaning I didn’t even know they existed on this Earth until I had a baby. I met them all at Gymboree class, the library and the park. Our pre-schoolers were infants and according to a Gender and Friendship study published in 2006 the fact that my kid is still besties with these girls is normal. The study states: "The proportion of cross-gender friendships increased with age only when children formed friendships outside of the core group of peers with whom they had begun infant care."

Confession: I’m also too lazy to make new mommy friends that have boys and JD has guy friends that he plays with from 7:15 AM to 5:45 PM three days a week at pre-school. He also plays soccer with boys every Saturday morning. I am also confident that my son will be extra kind to women because he's being raised by a single mom. Me.

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