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The Final Stage Of Potty Training

I potty-trained JD a week before his third birthday. I tried and tried before that, but he resisted and clearly wasn’t ready. Oh well, I bought more diapers. He turned four on August 30 and it was great to be able to say, wow, my kid is 99.9% potty-trained. Let me explain.

Read my potty-training tips. They worked on JD.

JD knows when he has to do #1 and #2 and goes all alone at home and at school. He doesn’t really nap anymore, but when he does, he doesn’t wear a Pull-Up like he used to. However, I was up until two nights ago a bedtime Pull-Up mom. See, JD really loves a cup of milk before bed and I really don’t mind filling up his belly because it ensures he’ll sleep comfortably through the night. During potty-training I just served milk an hour before bedtime, he used the toilet and woke up in a dry Pull-Up. But, of course, there were rush nights when JD was cranky and exhausted and needed “milky” and didn’t have an hour before bedtime—and woke up in a sopping wet Pull-Up—or leaked (fun!).

I LOVE Pull-Ups. JD loved the Cars ones. They were my go-to potty-training product, but now that JD is 4 I refuse to buy them (I love not having to buy formula, diapers, pacifiers and now training pants! I have so much more money, twice-a-month haircuts, sneakers for the fast foot grower, school tuition, the 529 college plan, you know). And I admit I haven’t really been buying-buying them 24/7. If JD woke up dry in one, I would store it in the closet and reuse it (it's not gross—it's savvy). But, two days ago he woke up wet because he had milk late (my fault) and I decided, cold-turkey, no more training pants. So far my plan is working in motion.

Night 1: JD drank his final cup of milk at 6:45 PM. He took a 1-2-3 shower at 7 PM. He watched a show until 7:30 PM. We read many, many books. He did a final bathroom run at 8:15 PM. He was asleep by 8:45 PM. I told him to come get me in the night if he felt “the pee-pees.” I explained he was not wearing a Pull-Up and that he was a big boy. If he went in his bed it would be wet and yucky and smelly. He woke up dry at 6 AM. YAY!!!

Night 2: Repeated above scenario. Accident ensued at 2 AM. Blah. I did not make a big deal. I stripped the bed, applied new sheets and jammies. He woke up dry at 6 AM. Half-YAY!!!

Night 3: Repeated night 1. He woke up at 4 AM. “Mama, I have to pee,” he said. We went into the bathroom. “OK, go back to bed, bud,” and I began to lead him to his room. “Mom?” he asked in an asky voice. “Yeah, bud,” I said. “My stomach is growling. I really need some cereal in a cup.”

And we were up from 4 AM. Eating cereal from a cup. Chatting about superheroes. Me repeating: “Go to sleep,” as he squirmed in my bed. The television clicked on at 5:20 AM.

Ah, the last stage of potty-training. I thought we were done. Almost.

Do your kids wear a training pant at night? Do they wake up wet or dry?

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Full disclosure: I don’t rep Huggies Pull-Ups. I was not asked to write this post or compensated in any way.