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G-Rated Weekend Coming Up!

Tonight: I’m picking JD up from school around 5:45 PM and we’re going on a Mommy-and-Me pizza date. By the time we get home, we’ll transition into bedtime. I can’t wait to crash. Long week!

Tomorrow: JD and I are going car shopping with Uncle Bri. JD loves cars and I know he’ll enjoy visiting dealerships with us. I mean, a car inside a building is like pigs flying to my kid. JD also has a Karate birthday party tomorrow from 4 to 6 that is serving dinner—this is an awesome prerequisite to bedtime! He’ll be fed and pooped. I’m excited about seeing JD do Karate. I have been thinking of signing him up for it. I feel he needs focus and discipline. I also want him to learn how to defend himself and stand-up to bullies in grade school. Karate won’t encourage him to fight bullies, but it will provide him with the skills and confidence to overcome any potential bullying. Plus, I need a Spring activity for him (he does soccer in the Fall). In my town you need to be 5 to play T-ball (boo), but JD doesn’t turn 5 until August 30.

On Sunday, we’re seeing The Lorax! JD’s school has been in Dr. Seuss mode this month in celebration of his birthday. Our local library also hosted a Dr. Seuss reading and hat-making craft. Not to mention, JD is a huge fan of the book The Lorax. He calls it the “little boy book,” because the boy, voiced by hottie Zac Efron is on a mission.

Other than that, I plan to hit the Farmer’s market and just spend some plain old QT with my boy. We’ve both been sick and I’ve been swamped with work, so I’m excited to just chill out. I have no girls night out or date planned and I could seriously care less. This single mom needs a break and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I was talking with a highly respected editor in the magazine industry who is also a single mom. She has a boyfriend and a pretty cool social life. Her son’s Dad is fully in the picture and I really appreciated her saying that I have a lot going on, have my son 24/7 and receive no help from JD’s father. She understands why dating and partying isn't top priority or even that doable—I have a friend in my life who does not. She gets on my case about going out more, dating, taking some me-time, and it’s not that easy. I have sitters, sure, but emotionally, it’s not easy for me to leave my son with family or a friend and go out after I was away from him all week working. He's at school from 7:30 AM to 5:45 PM 4 days a week. And again, Dad doesn't help—there's no night off with Dad or weekend visitation (purely on him btw). This lifestyle exists for other single moms, I know. And they go to yoga, on a date, out with the girls!

This past weekend I hung out with my brother, Carlo and his friend, Dallas. He's a dad to a little boy JD's age and he admitted that the child was a result of a classic one-night stand. And by one-night-stand, think sex and then no communication for 13 months. After his son was born the Mom shocked Dallas and asked for a paternity test. He took it and, yep, welcome to single fatherhood. Dallas and Mom are not together, but Dallas is a great, supportive Dad. Stories like these warm my heart and really define character. 

Here’s to a G-rated weekend and early nights in bed.

What are you up to? Please share!

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