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Get Real: Do You Wear Makeup Every Single Day?

Spencer Jones

JD and I had a very lazy Sunday yesterday. As usual JD was up before 6 A.M. and joined me in my bed to watch cartoons and drink milk. By 7 A.M. I was drinking coffee and JD was building blocks and watching Blue’s Clues in the living room. Soon we were both dressed and heading out the door to run errands. I was wearing black leggings, black Uggs and an oversized slouchy brown sweatshirt over a racer-back tank. I had zero makeup on and it felt, well, awesome. I mean, I wear makeup every, other day.

Even though I work from home, I still get up and shower and put on cute clothes, like jeans and a sweater with a knotted scarf, or tailored cargo pants and a fitted t-shirt with a long necklace. (I'm sitting at my desk right now in jeans, a grey tank and long fitted black cardigan with bold leaf earrings and redish lips.) Next, it’s hair and makeup. I have long, thick wavy hair, so sometimes I just wear it down, beachy-style or pull it up in a chic ballerina bun. As for makeup, I don't wear a lot, but I start with foundation under my eyes, then swipe on some sunny mineral makeup to even everything up. Next it’s Nars Orgasm blush (this blush looks good on everyone!), black mascara, brown eyeliner and pinkish shadow. Depending on the day and the intensity of my eyes, I opt for nude lip gloss or something more vibrant like Clinique Juicy Apple (it’s really red and makes me look awake and ready to conquer anything from a deadline to getting JD to eat his breakfast before school).

Other than my son’s teacher, I don’t really interact with people during the day. I work from home and email with my editors, but still, getting dressed and spiffed up with makeup makes me feel clean and happy—and proud to represent my family. Busy Mom Makeup Tips.

That said, on Sundays if we have nothing major to do it’s all about leggings, Juicy suits or sweats sans makeup. Seriously, I’m not kidding. I literally wore face moisturizer with SPF and plain old Vaseline on my lips yesterday. We went to Walmart to stock up on paper products, snacks and juice boxes, then to the grocery store for food and lastly, the farmer’s market for fresh produce. When we got home we played in the snow, ate grilled cheese sandwiches, took naps (me too, haha!) and made fish out of Play-Doh. Who needs makeup for any of that!? (OK, fine, I wore oversized shades when we were out).

Moms, I’m wondering if you wear makeup every, single day? If you work from home or are a SAHM do you find that you do or don’t wear makeup? Does makeup give you a confidence boost? Please share! XO

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