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Gisele Loves Bridget's Son: What's The Big Deal?

Gisele Bundchen raved to People that she is lucky to have sons that get along so well and the comments under the article have many people freaking out! Gisele has a biological son, Benjamin with Tom Brady—and a stepson, Jack, who Tom conceived with actress Bridget Moynahan (who notoriously went through her pregnancy alone). What did Gisele say about Jack that is causing such a stir?

Gisele says: “For Benjamin, his big brother is his hero,” she says. “Jack comes in and Benjamin has a big smile. He wants to follow him around. Anything he does, he’s just in awe of him like, ‘Oh my God!”

Now, maybe I’m reading this wrong, but I don’t see what the big deal is. Gisele has embraced Tom’s son, Jack, and is living in a modern family. Seems she is damned if she does or doesn’t speak about Jack. I mean, I bet people would be calling her an evil stepmother if she didn’t mention Tom’s son. So, because she does mention him, she’s trying to be his mom and step all over Bridget’s toes. Gisele called Jack “amazing” and “the sweetest kid," and that is really nice. I think she’s a good woman for accepting Jack so openly, loving him and encouraging a relationship not only between father and son, but brother and brother. She’s setting a beautiful example for the kids and all families. My family too!

The only thing that I think might tick Bridget off is the fact that she tries very hard to keep Jack out of the spotlight and press. “We do things privately, like reading Dr. Seuss, playing games and listening to music. That's why you haven't seen many photos of us. I don't need to parade him around, ” she has said.

From a single mom’s point of view, I can see how Gisele’s comments could come off as an in-your-face kind of thing (I got your man and your kid!)—but honestly, I have no problem with her relationship with Jack and I don’t think she means any harm when she gushes about him. I think it’s healthy. I think Gisele is thinking about Jack, the child and not herself and her comfort level (maybe she wanted the picture perfect family—well, too bad, Jack and Bridget exist).

Everyone (me too!) is always expressing support for Bridget, because she’s a single mom and Gisele is a gorgeous supermodel, but Bridget is a gorgeous actress who gave birth to Tom’s FIRST son. Nothing changes that and who knows, maybe on some level, Gisele struggles with that.

What do you think of Gisele’s relationship with Jack? Is she wrong to discuss him in the press? Does your ex's girlfriend or wife prevent him from seeing your child? Does your husband's girlfriend or wife step on your toes when it comes to her relationship with your child? Are you friends with your ex's girlfriend or wife? Please share.

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