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Great Eggs-Pectations: What Was In Your Kid's Easter Basket?

We had a great Easter weekend, but I definitely needed to remind JD of the true meaning.

As a single mom, I count myself lucky. My child wants for nothing, but that doesn't mean he gets EVERYTHING. Sure, he has a rad bike, scooter, tech toys and 400 cars, but this is on top of love and support, books, art, culture, sports, good food and travel. Still, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t think holidays equal the mother load of gifts. Sigh. 

He was very into Christmas this year and yes we all spoiled him with toys, a learning tablet, clothes—the works. But we also went to church, talked about the manger under the tree and celebrated with family and good eats. I guess when you’re 4, the pressies are more important.

Leading up to Easter we talked about Jesus and the sacrifices he made for us. We attended mass. On Palm Sunday JD made a little cross from his palm. He displayed plastic Easter eggs by his Great Nanny’s grave and yesterday we went to mass. But, again the lure of the Easter Bunny, trumped the meaning of the Holiday.

He made the bunny a salad, left out some water and a picture. It was adorable. After he went to sleep I filled eggs with coins, dollar bills, jellybeans and tattoos. I hid them around the condo. His Easter basket was overflowing with bubbles, crayons, paint, a coloring book, a movie, Superhero underwear, Toy Story toothpaste, two books, two superhero figures, two mini Lego sets, all-natural bunny gummies, lollies, M&Ms and a bag of Pretzel fish. He also got a big bin of farm-themed Legos. I thought I did a pretty good job! Uncle Bri gave him a robot that moves and a case for his iPod. Uncle Carlo made a deposit into his 529 college plan (as did my parents). My parents and my Dad’s girlfriend basically bought him a summer wardrobe (score!!), yet JD seemed…confused by his presents. He was expecting Christmas morning I think (um he asked where his TV for the car was—his little friend got one. He's not getting one). I had to explain to him that both Christmas and Easter are about Jesus and our faith and that gifts are an afterthought. How do I say this…my son is spoiled treated well, but he’s not a spoiled brat.

He really understood what I was saying and told me he loved all of his Easter gifts and that his favorite was the orange baseball shirt from Mema (wore it to school today). He was excited to put his coins in his piggy bank—"College money," he cheered. Every now and then I need to reel him in…Last week we donated gently used toys to Goodwill and I explained that perhaps some kids might find them in their Easter baskets this year and he was truly excited to share! He walked the bags in all by himself. 

Hope you enjoyed the weekend! We sure did! (His dad & his fam sent nada, in case you're wondering.)

What was in your kid's basket? Single parents, does the other parent provide holiday gifts? Share!