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Guys That Don't Want To Date Single Moms

Yesterday I blogged about telling a guy the truth about what I want from a relationship. In keeping with the “dating” theme, I wanted to share another tidbit. Last weekend, JD and I attended a Baptism party for our friends' baby girl. I admittedly, asked the hosts if there were going to be any cute, single guys there ahead of time—and they said, yes. Awesome! Well…

When we got there, JD immediately ran to his little friends (and the babysitters!) and I got myself a glass of wine. I sat down, chatted with my girls and watched JD enjoy an art project and dance. Two cute guys walked in together sans women on their arms. I straightened up in my chair, ha.

I was introduced to both and shook hands gently. They went to the bar for beer. Next, I saw the host talking to blue shirt guy, but pretended not to notice (obvi). She joined me with a plate of food and said between bites, “He thinks your hot.” This was nice. It is nice to get attention from men, because I rarely do. I am either working or taking care of JD in the midst of my friends’ husbands. I don’t really go to Happy Hours or find myself in adult settings all that often. (The other day in the garage at our building, a guy that lives on the second floor below us, and who I've known for years, told me I looked "very pretty." I was wearing a dress and heels, my hair was in a tight bun -- and I was hoisting JD from his car seat, ha. And it was like he was speaking Greek. In other words, it was nice to hear.)

Back to the Baptism party...

Since JD was safe and entertained by his friends and the hired teenage babysitters, I slipped into the bathroom and shook out my hair and dabbed my lips with some red gloss. I looked and felt good.

When I got back to the party, blue shirt guy was no where in sight—probably on the deck overlooking the lake with the guys. I made JD a plate of chicken, carrots and pasta, and coaxed him over to the table. He took a bite of chicken, then ran away back to his friends. I called him back to the table and he laughed at me and did a silly dance. Fun. I walked over to him with a forkful of chicken and said, “You need to eat or we’re going home.”

“I’m not hungry! I wanna dance!” Don’t we all, kid. Dont.We.All.

“Eatthischicken,” I said.

“No-wa!” he said.

“1, 2—…” I said. He opened his mouth and ate the chicken.

And blue-shirt boy, unknowingly to me, witnessed this entire thing. And then said to the host, “Wait is that her kid???”

And he didn’t talk to me at all thereafter. Even though, I’m hot. But, yes, I am also, crazy, eatthischicken mom, too, ha. Read: Dating Tips for Single Parents.

And it’s OK, really. I understand that some guys don’t want to date women with kids (or women who force-feed their kids, kidding). This doesn’t make them bad guys. I'm not writing this dude off as an A-hole at all. In fact, if I was a single woman sans child, I don’t know if I’d be eager to date a man with a kid. I just really can’t say, because I’m not in those shoes. I consider myself a pretty open person, though. And I love kids. I prob would. I mean, I did date a guy with a kiddo (but I was a mom at the time).

Has a guy ever run for the hills because of your single mom status? Discuss. And EATYOURCHICKEN! Have a happy weekend! XO

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