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Happy Halloween: Fun Photos!

JD had a blast Trick-or-Treating on Sunday. Since we live in a condo, we headed to our friend’s house and went door-to-door with a big group of kids in a packed neighborhood. We got 2 kids at our place, so they got extra raisins and Pop Chips (Yes, I handed out healthy and delicious snacks.) This was JD’s first year officially trick-or-treating and I have some great pictures to share!

JD takes a moment to comprehend what’s going on. Wait, I get to ring people’s doorbells and get free candy?

He thinks seriously about picking the perfect piece of candy (even though I'm screaming, “Go for the Snickers, the Snickers!”)

Happy as a…racecar driver! Vrooooom, vrooooom!

Not sure about this blowup Pooh bear pumpkin. “Mommy what happen to Pooh bear? He stuck in dat pumpkin.”

Afterwards the group headed to our friend’s house for pizza and cupcakes and JD didn't make a mess at all. Not my kid.

Thanks to Amy, Ed and Lily (Cinderella and the mice) for having us over!

Oh, I went all out and put on some cat ears. Meow. Erin over at Parenting Post was Lindsay Lohan (HAHAH!) and you gotta see what her husband dressed up as!!!

When we got home we checked out our stash. I was pumped to see bags of pretzels, crackers and Teddy Grahams (Hi, lunchbox snacks!). And about 12 mini Snickers bars (Hi, midnight snackerrrrr!).

Want to see some of our apple-picking pics? Tis the season! Click here.

How was your Trick-Or-Treating experience? What treats did you hand out? Did you dress up?

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