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How Did You Beat The Heat This Weekend?

Holy heat wave! JD and I planned to visit Uncle Carlo in Bradley Beach, NJ this past weekend and hit up the Asbury Splash park, but we bailed. It was too hot to even go to the beach! (And there was a power outage down there! Eeeeps!) But, with a nearly 4-year-old to entertain all weekend, the heat didn’t mean we sat around in our condo with the AC pumping, watching Toy Story 3. After the jump, see how JD and I beat the heat this weekend! So fun!

On Saturday morning we got our Jeep washed. Going to the car wash with JD is the equivalent of going to Disney World.


Then we went to an air-conditioned mall. I bought a cute dress at Old Navy and JD got a new fish-printed swimsuit. Next, we went to The Disney Store where JD was allowed to pick out one, ONE, new Cars 2 car. He chose Holley. We met my mom at California Pizza Kitchen and I got my salad for free (not because I'm a blogger -- LOL!), because it was served without grilled chicken and when I nicely asked the waitress for grilled chicken she said she’d bring it, but never did. (Score!)


When we got home, JD took an hour nap and then we met our friends at Packanack Lake day in Wayne (the town where I grew up). It was hot, but the fire station set up a water play area for the kids (AND ME!). There was a DJ, bounce houses and BBQ food. The event ended with a gorg fireworks show that JD LOVED! "I see green, now blue, whoa pink! Boom!" This time last year we had to evacuate the event at warp speed in the pitch black, because JD freaked out when the fireworks started —oh how things change! Read about last year’s event here.

(It was so cool to re-read this blog entry. JD was so very active and non-stop last year. I chased him around for 6 hours by myself. He was active this year, but more contained and listened better when I said, "Chill, have a drink and reeeelax for a bit." I was also OK letting him run and play at a distance, as long as I could see him. I actually got to drink beer and have adult conversations this year!)


This is my friend Amy. She has great form. Her daughter Lily has even better form.

On Sunday, my dad spent the morning with JD and I went, wait for it, grocery shopping! Afterwards JD and I spent the afternoon at our pool swimming and playing cars (of course!), then had Sunday dinner. Too hot to play outside? Swap in rainy day activities, or try these JD-approved water play activities outside.


Great weekend! (No date, no girls night, but what an amazing time with my #1 -- my son!) How was yours? How did YOU beat the heat? XO

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