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How Old Is Too Old For A Pacifier?

Everyone is going bonkers over the fact that Suri Cruise, nearly 5, was seen sucking on a pacifier. OK, it's a little old, but give the kid—the KID, a break. How would you like it if your child was photographed constantly? I’m sure we’d see pacifier and thumb-suckers over the age of 3 and 4, snotty noses, tantrums, skinned knees…you name it! And I’ll be honest, JD used his pacifier until he was three-years-and-three-months-old. He didn't suck on it, walking around, playing or while watching toons, but he went to sleep with it and sometimes used it in the car. It was a HARD habit to break and I have Santa to thank!

In the months leading up to Christmas, I told JD that when Santa came with his presents he was taking all the “ginkies” away. At first, JD said, “No,” but I was firm in saying, “then no toys -- that is Santa's rule.” I used this scenario over and over and OVER and on Christmas Eve, we left all the “ginkies” out with the milk and cookies. JD went down without his "ginky." He cried. I read The Night Before Christmas. He got over it.

It had to be done. Pacifers can cause speech delays and dental problems according to this study. Luckily my kid won't shut up and the dentist said he has fine teeth for now. Phew.

So on Christmas morning, JD opened his 100 presents and didn’t even notice the “ginkies” were gone—until naptime that is. I reminded him Santa took them and he was really, honestly OK with it, because I also reminded him Santa brought him tons of new toys. Sometimes he brings up his "ginky" and we talk about Santa. I lied to my kid. I don't care.

Easter is coming. If you need to get the pacifier out of your kid’s mouth, tell him the Bunny is taking it when he brings the basket. Do it. Trust me. And leave Suri alone. Let Katie deal with it.

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