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I Am Thankful for A B C...

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. Here are my ABC's of thanks!

A: JD’s biological father. His name starts with A. He gave me my son. Thank you, A! (I met JD's Dad 5 years ago this time of year. He made me homemade pumpkin pie. We walked to the grocery store on the corner for Cool Whip.)

B: Brian (My little brother and JD’s cool uncle)

C: Carlo (My big brother and JD’s Godfather)

D: My Dad. For being an amazing Dad to me and a Dad-figure to JD.

E: Eye Cream. If you’re a mom—or woman over 25 you know what I mean.

F: Friends. Read about motherhood and friendship here.

G: Girl Power! Ladies, we rock in general. Unite.

H: Home. It really is where the heart is.

I: Ice Cream! JD and I love strawberry best.

J: JD! I love you my sweet blond boy. You make me better!

K: Katie (One of my best friends and JD’s Godmother)

L: Love. It comes in many forms. I give love and I feel loved. I've been in love and I will be in love again. Love. LOVE.

M: My Mom. Thank you for being wonderful to me and an amazing Mema to JD.

N: Nanny. JD’s great grandma who passed away before he turned 1. I miss you and I’m feeding JD well.

O: Olives. Specifically black olives, because JD puts them on his fingers and giggles—and then I giggle!

P: Thank you for letting me tell my stories on here.

Q: “Queen.” As in Lightening McQueen. You make JD happy.

R: [Shameless Plug WARNING] Rattled! Makes a great stocking stuffer. Buy many copies here. The New York Times liked it: "[A] warm, frank, big-hearted book, which reveals Ms. Coppa’s doubts, difficulties and fears, as it attests to the success she’s made of her life — and of Jack Domenic’s." Read more here.

S: Sleep. I love you. Read about my little bed stealer here.

T: Taco Tuesday. Enough Said.

U: Underwear. Meaning I don’t buy training pants or diapers anymore. Night training has ended. Win.

V: My Shark Vacuum. I am not compensated to plug this brand. It just really works and it’s purple. Hello.

W: Work. Thank you to every magazine and website that has published my work this year. Freelancing is not easy, but I feel accepted and loved.

X: Xray. As in the Xray of my spine before and after my Spinal Fusion surgery in 1997. Brings new meaning to the word backbone and is by far the hardest, most rewarding thing I’ve ever been through.

Y: You! You are reading my blog and that means a lot to me. It’s not easy putting so much out there, so thanks for accepting my anecdotes. I hope I make you feel less alone in your single mom journey. XO

Z: Zap! “Zap, I got you, Mom! You’re fire!” (I live with a superhero. We’ve entered that stage.)

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey and pie! Tell me what you’re thankful for based on the letters of your first and last name. XO

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