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I Watched the Royal Wedding With My Pre-Schooler. He Sabotaged My Experience! Obvi.

Good morning, lovelies! Happy Royal Wedding Day! I watched the wedding this morning—well kind of. I’m working from home today (and treating myself to a mani/pedi!!!!!) so JD and I lounged around all morning in our jammies and watched The Today Show on NBC. JD is now at school and I just chuckled when Matt Lauer said, “Years from now, people will ask, where were you when Prince William and Princess Catherine got married?” Me?

I was in my condo in northern NJ in grey sweats and a blue t-shirt. JD was in Christmas pajamas (whatever, they fit and I grabbed them last night in the dark). When JD woke me up at 5:15 A.M. I jumped up—I didn’t tell him to join me in bed or go back to his. Since I usually let him join me, he started to climb into my bed and said, “Can I please have some milky, Mama.” Um, I was already halfway out of the bedroom. I called from the kitchen, “Come on, bud! Come get your milky!” He walked out sleepily holding his blanky and Mickey Mouse doll. I popped a K-cup in the coffee maker and plopped on the couch. When I put on The Today Show, JD looked at me, plucked the sippy cup from his lips and said, “I want my show.” I pretended not to hear him. “I want my show!” I handed him a toy car. “I want my show!”

“Bud, this is like a storybook. A prince is marrying a girl and she is going to be a princess! There will be music like the Fresh Beat Band and horses and planes and clapping!” I said this with the most enthusiasm without taking my eyes off the television.

“I want my show! I want Elmo! I want Barney!” he said. (Me thinking: I want an IRISH coffee!)

“No, we’re watching, Mommy’s show!” I said.

And we did. Well, I did. He asked me a hundred times to watch cartoons and I offered to put cartoons on in my room for him. “No, I wanna watch with you, Mama.”

“We’re watching the princess show, bud.”

For the next two hours I bribed him by letting him eat a waffle on the couch and by racing cars down a ramp that was on the carpet in the television’s eye view. At one point he retrieved Toy Story 3 from the DVD collection and I offered to play it on my computer and he reeeeee-fused. “I want it on the TV!”

After the kiss and second kiss from the balcony, I dressed JD and took him to school. “You’re late today,” his teachers said. “O.M.G, I was watching the Royal Wedding! And side note: I’m working from home, which is why I’m wearing—pajamas!” They laughed! Then I spent 15-minutes dishing on the event while JD played happily in the block center with his friends. At one point JD said to his bud TJ, “my Mom is silly!” Whatever.  

And now I am home, crrrrrrying, because Matt Lauer just said, “They used to call her ‘Waity Katie’—she waits no more.” Sob. God Bless the beautiful woman (and the beautiful dress!) who walked into the palace as one of Prince William’s college pals and came out a princess—A PRINCESS! Dreams do come true. Dreams do come true, JD.

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Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Did you, did you? Did your pre-schooler sabotage the experience? Share! Have a lovely weekend. Weather is going to gorgeous where I live. :)

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