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If Snooki Is Pregnant, I Support Her.

Update: Nicole "Snooki" Pollizi and fiance, Jionni LaValle have confirmed the pregnancy and engagement to Us Weekly. Congrats you two, soon to be three!

I don’t like the nastiness going around about Nicole “Snooki” Pollizi’s alleged pregnancy. The young woman has not even confirmed she is with child and the Internet is already setting her up to fail.

I got pregnant when I was 25. It was unplanned. I was not prepared financially or emotionally. You all know the story: My boyfriend and I planned to continue our pregnancy, then he bailed. If Snooki is pregnant, based on what I just wrote, she is in a better place than I was.

People is reporting that she is engaged to her boyfriend, Jionni LaValle. She is gainfully employed from her MTV reality show Jersey Shore, the new upcoming spin-off with Jenni “JWoww” Farley and various endorsement deals and appearances. Nicole is also a New York Times Best-Selling author who worked with ghostwriter, Valerie Frankel on her book, A Shore Thing. As a writer (whose book was reviewed in the NYT), I applaud Snooki for disclosing she had the help of Frankel. 

Snooki also appears to have a great relationship with her parents. Her dad visited the shore house in Seaside Heights a few episodes ago and purchased her cranberry juice because she was sick from a UTI (he also purchased JWoww eyelashes). This kind of reminds me of my Dad who brought over groceries and homemade soup when JD and I were both very ill two weeks ago.

So with all this said, if Snooki is pregnant, what’s the BIG deal? The father of the child is at her side. She has a job and money. Her family and friends are supportive. Is she that different than the average 24 year old dealing with an unplanned pregnancy? In my opinion and I think my opinion is valid here, I say NO. Many disagree. Just last week I posted this status on my Facebook wall: “Leave Snooki alone. If she's pregnant, God Bless her. I got pregnant at 25 and it was a shock, a blessing, a life-changing event. MYOB world. #JerseyStrong #Snooki” Some of the comments claimed that Snooki won’t be able to handle motherhood because she made money binge-drinking and partying. People hoped she discovered her pregnancy sooner than later and stopped drinking. I was told I turned my blessing into 1000 blessings over and that Snooki better make mature decisions for the sake of her baby. Ya know what I say to this? Deep breath here…

Cameras were not trailing me senior year of high school. I was at Temps (now Karma) with my fake ID (ah, it was later confiscated summer of ‘99). I was fist-pumping. I fist-pumped! When we still needed permission to go out, my girlfriends and I would do the “I’m sleeping at Christine’s, I’m sleeping at Phylissa's" thing, then we’d go to NYC (Sound Factory or Carbon), stay out all night and come home with bagels at 8 AM. We were masters. College? I lived in Center City Philly for 4 years. My friend, Jaz and I regularly made up faux names and drank at exclusive jazz clubs. I’ve been to Cancun for 3 (!!!) Spring Breaks. Jersey Shore? Summer of 2004 and 2005 Uncle Carlo and his buds had a shore house. I was the little sister who crashed every weekend and never paid for anything. Those two summers alone, my God, the shenanigans would have made us rich IF someone was filming. Cabs are here! Yes, Pauly D., honey, the cabs came nightly for us too. We ate Three Bros Pizza at 3 AM. I was famous for saying, “I need a snacker!” as we left the bar or club. In 2006 I went to London and Paris (on a whim) with my friend Lauren. What. A. Trip! I can’t even believe we made it back to The States. We woke up late in the PEACE & LOVE HOSTEL that we SHARED with Harry, a darling English boy and calmly said, “Ah, yes, we’re going to miss our flight.” Pause. Then all chaos broke loose as we hopped from the top bunk (we had fallen asleep together???) searched for our clothes and stuffed our suitcases. We made the flight. We were still drunk from the previous night of partying in Paris on the flight. We had on last night’s makeup on the flight. New York City is a whole other category of partying! My friends called my apartment the SoHo palace (It was a shoebox). As for drinking while pregnant. Guilty. I spent New Year’s Eve in San Francisco with my girlfriends. I was with JD’s father, but the plans were made before we met. I toured freakin wine country when I was two weeks along. I ate sushi. And cold cuts! I got drunk at the New Year’s party. Yeah, it sucks, but it happened. I own it. I’ve owned EVERYTHING. I could write a series on my pre-mommy life. Maybe I should?

Before JD came into my life I was a hard-partying, fun-loving gal. My real friends know my secrets, not the world. I wasn’t the star of Christine Coppa, the reality show. Snooki is in the public eye and now she’s allegedly pregnant. She's not taking her baby to Karma. She's not freaking Casey Anthony! What was your life like before you had kids? Did you ever get drunk at the shore with your friends? You did. I was at the shore this weekend. I went out in Asbury Park on Saturday night. I had 2 1/2 beers and a shot of tequila. My son was sleeping at Uncle Carlo's and my Mom was babysitting. We went to the Belmar Parade yesterday. I still have a fun life at the Jersey Shore, it's just different. And, yeah, folks, I still rock a bikini. 

I feel this urge to protect Snooki—to wrap a leopard-print blanket around her and take her to my condo in North NJ. Maybe it’s because I’m from NJ. Maybe it’s because Temps Labor Day Weekend is NO match for Karma any night. Maybe it’s because I know what it’s like to get pregnant unexpectedly. I know the fear, the joy, the rush of emotions you can’t dissect. Maybe it's because I have a crush on Vinny. And maybe I also feel for Snooki because when Storked! debuted on in 2007 a woman’s blog completely attacked me—the comments were so horrendous and mean. A slew of other big media blogs chimed in—there was immediate buzz (mostly good!) and I was NOT prepared for it. I called my editor, Genevieve at Glamour magazine the day the blog went live sobbing—I was one month away from giving birth. I didn’t need this sh*t. “I quit,” I said. She told me not to quit the blog. I didn’t. I held my head up high and had the LAST laugh. In 2008 (a year and one month later from the debut of Storked!) WWD credited me as a popular blogger who helped makeover

The thing about life, I’ve discovered over the past four years—there’s the life before the baby and the one after. Life doesn’t end. Life changes. Babies change everything. I’m pulling for Snooki.

Feel free to share your comments. Please note, this is a safe, supportive community for parents.

Full disclosure: I realize JD will read this blog one day and I will pay for it when he's at the Jersey Shore.