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Let's Give Dads A Little More Credit, Please!

JD and I needed something fun to do on Sunday morning, so I hopped online to see if this nearby indoor playground had open play hours. They did. Only it was Daddy and Me Time from 9:00 to 10:30. This is because our society thinks that Dads only participate on Sundays after working hard all week. There was even a note that said: Dads come and join us for Daddy & Me on Sunday mornings. We won't tell if you're surfing the web, while you're kids are having fun! I found this hilarious. HILARIOUS. Can we puh-lease give dads a little more credit? Seriously, this is coming from a single mom whose son's father doesn't participate. 

When JD and I arrived at the big, matted play area, I joked to the woman behind the counter: “I’m crashing daddy time.” She smiled and said: “Please do.” There were a lot of dads there and not one of them was on their Blackberry. Not one. They were in sweats chasing their kids on the mats, climbing the rock wall and epic jungle gym, and shooting down the twisty blue and green slides. Dads are awesome. They are not babysitters being forced to take their kids to the playground with the option to check emails or read some sports website.

There were other moms and grandparents sprinkled in too, so I wasn’t the random mom in black leggings racing after her son. And frankly if I was, I wouldn’t care. I don’t let the fact that JD’s father left, dictate our lives and I hope other single moms will follow my lead. Don’t feel sorry for yourselves and don’t miss out on play-time at a super-cool indoor playground because it’s Daddy and Me time. Who cares? I don’t.

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