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Moms Need Downtime, So Go Get It!

Confession: I had plans this weekend and when my friend canceled, I was excited. Like, breathed a sigh of relief excited. Let me explain. I was supposed to hang out with my friend Kateri from NYC yesterday. She planned to take the bus from Port Authority to a stop close to my condo. JD and I were going to scoop her up, with a prepared picnic basket (think cheese, fresh bread, fruit, lemonade and chocolate chip cookies) and hit the park.

Well, on Friday afternoon I saw the weather report. It was going to be damp and rainy. Blahhhh!!! I started thinking what we could do instead. Maybe hit the mall and a chain restaurant. Have an indoor picnic at my place. Go to the NJ children’s museum. My plan B thinking stopped when Kateri called to tell me she was asked to work an event for Fashion Week. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kateri and really wanted to show off my three-year-old and his AWESOME potty skills to her, but rainy Sundays of the past have predicted one, consistent thing. Something I love, something I rarely get. A nap.

As a single, working mom, I don’t get much downtime or even a split second to myself. Example: I cleaned the bathroom this weekend and JD refused to watch cartoons in the living room. “I help you?” he asked, and asked and asked. So, I gave him a sponge soaked in just water and told him to clean the cabinet—while I scrubbed the tub. That’s right, folks, I don’t even clean alone. Am I complaining? I mean, it may seem so, but really, I’m laughing! My kid loves me that much, that he wants to clean with me. (Note to self: Make JD read this blog when he’s 16.)

Point is, yesterday when JD took his afternoon nap, I was all alone in my condo with the rain tapping on the windows and a lavender candle glowing in the kitchen. I made myself some tea. I read a fashion magazine. I munched on crackers spread with peanut butter. I filed my nails. I layed in bed and watched T.V. I drifted off under the afghan my grandmother crocheted me for my sixteenth birthday. I completely decompressed. I didn’t wake up until JD came running into my room (with his pants at his ankles) yelling, “Mommy, I need go potty right now!” You can imagine how fast I jumped up. Faster than you’re thinking, hee, hee.

And then our afternoon resumed. We played with JD’s new Hot Wheels ramp (a potty prize), we made meatballs and cars and worms out of Play-Doh, we did puzzles, played the Cars matching game, read the same books over and over. We had conversations about soccer (JD did great! Tune in later this week for pics), about how mommy birds find worms for baby birds, that rain clouds make scary noises that go boom-boom and that cars go zoom-zoom!

We cooked cavatelli and broccoli and baked chicken. An Elmo doll joined us at dinner with a real plate and cup because someone insisted and well, who could say no to that kind of cuteness? Then we ate vanilla ice cream. One bowl and two spoons while watching Cars. Then bath, books and bed. It was a great day. I needed it. I needed that 2 hours and 47 minutes when JD napped. My guard was DOWN. I don’t get this during the week or frankly when it’s sunny out. Naps go out the window on the weekends—our time is better spent enjoying the weather and pointing at clouds that look like dragons. I know married moms need and crave downtime too, but I also know I see a lot of Dads at the park on Sunday and I imagine mom is getting her downtime in. My brother had his daughter all day on Saturday while his wife was out and about. Single and married moms, get that downtime, when ya can! However ya can! (And I am super excited for our rescheduled date with Aunt Kateri.)

Tell me, do you crave and need kid-free downtime too? How do you sneak it in? What do you do? Anyone else take a rainy day nap yesterday?