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Morning Madness: Getting Out The Door In The Morning Sans Incident

Mornings are so fun. Here’s how ours went down today:

1. JD woke up at 4 AM asking for milk and “little cookies.” He was referring to Cookie Crisp cereal (made with whole grain which is all good in my mom book).

2. Took a two-minute shower, only to be interrupted mid-face scrub (like soap in eyes) by JD: “Maaaaa, I need a tattoo on my hand or I can’t even go to school today. OK?”

3. Applied a Hot Wheels tattoo to JD’s hand with a bath towel wrapped around my body and dripping wet hair (hi, I pick my battles).

4. Went down the elevator. Strapped JD in car seat. Placed our lunches and my purse on passenger side. And realized my cell phone was on my bed. Un-strapped JD. Got back upstairs and realized, WOW, cell phone NOT on my bed. Searched for seven-minutes. Found on top of washing machine. Where I left it while rummaging for clean “JD clothes” this AM in my underwear. Yes.

5. Onward to school. Came across herd of wild turkeys in residential neighborhood. Think, WTF. Beep horn for several minutes so they would move. JD was highly entertained. “Turkeys! That’s the mom turkey, mom!” Smile. I just laughed! It was a hysterical moment! 

6. Cringed as I un-strapped JD from car seat in school parking lot. Why? Received this email on Wednesday:

“Unfortunately we must notify you that we have had confirmed cases of head lice. We advise everyone to please check your child's head today and continue to check your child's head for one week. We are also performing head checks here at the school as well and will continue to do so for several days.”

I was at work. Obviously per my last blog about lice, had mini-meltdown and then began Facebooking with school mom friends who were also freaked. Good news is: My mom took  JD to a kiddy cuts place that specializes in lice (ID and treatment) yesterday (I had meetings) and as of now, he is lice-free. But of course until I received this news, I was convinced he had lice, I had lice, his stuffed animals had lice, my neighbor had lice. My standpoint on lice: Yeah, it’s not dangerous. It doesn’t reflect that a child is dirty or comes from a dirty home (lice LOVE clean hair), but it’s gross. It’s bugs in your hair. Gross. Sorry if you don’t agree.

7. Brought JD into his classroom. Explained he (fingers crossed) currently does not have lice and his hair looked wet because I doused it in Weleda Rosemary Hair  Oil, which repels lice. (I also did the same to my hair and styled it in a chic ballerina bun (so chic, let me tell ya!). Teacher reassured me the “Lice Treatment  Center of NJ” are checking all of the students today. That since the outbreak, the school is sanitized (in addition to it’s routine cleaning) every night and the floors were stripped and waxed. My head itched during this chat. I did not itch it, though. Tip: My mom friends like Fairy Tales for lice prevention and treatment.

8. Said goodbye to JD. As per usual, I knelt and he threw himself around me for a big “huggie.” I kissed him, told him I loved him and stood up. And saw a giant oil stain from his head on my satin shirt. Awesome.

9. Drove to coffee place – then work – praying my phone does not flash with JD’s school today, because it will mean one thing: He has lice.

10. At least it’s Friday! We have soccer, bike-riding and a visit to the beach lined up.

How was your morning? Have a great weekend!

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