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Most Americans Don't Accept Single Moms: Wah-Wah-Wah!

This just in: According to a new poll of attitudes toward the country's soaring number of non-traditional families, most Americans (including Ann Coulter) still view single mothers as detrimental to society. Same-sex couples, couples that are not married with kids and childless women are more accepted according to Pew Research Center’s Social and Demographic trends.

"Two parents who are unmarried are tolerated or acceptable. But many people, including single parents themselves, question single-parent families. There's still a strong belief that children need two parents," says Andrew Cherlin, a Johns Hopkins University sociologist who studies families.

This really ruffles my feathers.

Here’s why: If you put JD and me next to JD’s father, wife and infant son (who looks so much like JD -- ah the Internet!), many people would probably suspect that the smiley couple and baby from the Mid-West are better off than us. The people taking this poll have no idea the father in this scenario has chosen to only father one of his sons.

I’m sorry most Americans don’t accept me—the single mom from NJ. But you should be weary of who you do accept.

Click here to take an exclusive poll that will determine if the readers here accept me and other single moms. No pressure. Honestly, I agree that two parents is the ideal parenting situation. I’d love to get married one day, have another child and parent with someone.

I do know that my son is a lot better off than some kids living in abusive 2-parent households or ones where mom and dad fight constantly. As parents—single, married, not married—can we all just SHUT UP and support each other. Parenting is hard regardless of your relationship status. For example, my best friend who is married has a baby that keeps waking up at 4 A.M. -- oh, wait, so do I.

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Have a great weekend! XO

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