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Motherhood Is Delicious: My Fave Kiddy Foods

Last night I stumbled into the bathroom around 1 A.M. to brush my teeth and call it a night. Since JD didn’t have school yesterday, I worked after he went to sleep (kill me). In my tiredness, I accidentally grabbed his Colgate Anitcavitiy Fluride SpongeBob Squarepants toothpaste and not my Colgate Pro Clinical Daily Whitening. I popped the brush into my mouth, tasted the sweetness, pulled the brush out from my mouth, saw the blue gel dotted with sparkles, looked at it, looked at it hard. Then I looked at my cool, crisp mint toothpaste and popped the toothbrush back in my mouth. Colgate Anitcavitiy Fluride SpongeBob Squarepants toothpaste is delicious. It was like brushing my teeth with a bumble gum cupcake iced in strawberry-cherry cream. It got me thinking about all of the other delicious things I eat as a result of being a mom. I mean, prior to becoming a mom, I would never eat…

Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets. Oh man, they are so crispy and juicy and BAD. I usually steal one from JD’s lunch. Yeah, he eats fast food. He gets one fast food lunch option a week.

Ice pops. I forgot how good ice pops are! When I was a kid, I lived on ice pops. Well, JD loves ice pops, especially the Good Humor red, white and blue firecracker pops. When he has one, I have one. We're often poolside, because he's a slow eater and ice pops melt--and the pool is a great way to clean him up!

Whole Milk. Yeah, yeah, I know, the Ped told me to switch to 2 percent when JD turned two, but I didn’t. JD is skinny. He can have whole for now. Since I refuse to buy skim (what I used to put in my coffee and on my cereal) and whole, I too enjoy whole milk. My morning coffee is so creamy and sweet and scrumptious now!

Cookies. Cookies. Cookies. OK, a cookie isn’t a huge deal, but seriously, before becoming a mom, the only time I ever ate cookies was when there was a tray at work or I was at a party (I rarely bought junk food). Now, I have a cookie jar. It’s stocked with a rotation of low-fat Oreos, chewy Oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip—sometimes vanilla rainbow sprinkle cookies from the bakery. They all go good with the whole milk.

Alpha-bits cereal. In my attempt to teach young JD to identify every, single letter in the alphabet, I picked up a box of Post alphab-bits cereal (we also use flash cards, magnets and books). Um, alpha-bits cereal is addicting. It’s crunchy and sweet and for the past two nights I’ve been eating it straight from the box while I watched Real Housewives of New Jersey and Teen Mom. It’s the new popcorn.

Yogurt drinks. I love yogurt. I usually dig into thick, rich Fage greek yogurt with fresh berries and honey. Then one day I sipped JD’s Dannon Danimals Rockin Raspberry Smoothie. Hello, heaven! It’s a quick snack for me during a busy workday, now!

Mac ‘n Cheese from a box (I said BOX). Once a week, JD has Mac ‘n cheese for lunch or dinner (with veggies and chicken). I make a mean homemade mac ‘n cheese, but sometimes I don’t have the time to boil the noodles, cook up the cheese sauce and bake it (think STARVING toddler after a long day at the pool in 90 degree weather.) Velveeta Shells n’ Cheese comes with this delicious, slightly scary pouch of squeeze (that's SQUEEZE) cheese. All you do is cook up the shell pasta, squeeze (ha!) the cheese on and mix. It takes under 10 minutes. It’s good.

Lollypops from the bank. As a freelancer, I am at the bank drive-through often. JD calls the bank drive-through the “lobby pop” store—that’s “lobby.” I always let him have one. When I was a kid I remember getting a lollypop from the bank and it was super special. I mean, they somehow tasted better than lollypops at Halloween. JD says, “I got lobby pop. You got lobby pop. We’re best friends, Mommy.” MELT, and I'm not talking about the lolly pops. Try my heart. Squeeeee!

Dying to know what foods you find yourself eating as a result of your kiddo. Please share! And if you’re looking for a cool bento box, lunch bag for the school year, check this out. I got it for JD!

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Full disclosure: I did not receive compensation from the noted brands. I just love these goodies.