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MTV'S Teen Mom: In Response To Farrah's Single Mom Meltdown

For those of you who caught the season premiere of MTV’s Teen Mom on Tuesday night, it was an explosive episode. [Spoiler Alert] Amber took a pregnancy test and it came up negative. Catelynn moved back under her mom’s dysfunctional roof and Maci filed for child support. (Learn more about filing for child support here.) But, perhaps the most sensational storyline is that of Farrah.

Last night, the show recounted the aftermath of a violent fight between Farrah and her overbearing mother, Debra. Allegedly, Debra punched her teen single mom daughter in the face and threatened her with a knife. Family services ordered that Farrah and her infant, Sophia can’t be around Debra unless there is another adult present. This meant Farrah could no longer sleep in her mother’s home. Luckily, Debra owns a pretty nice “guest house” across the street and offered the digs to her daughter and granddaughter.

When Farrah and Sophia arrived at the home, it was empty except for a few miscellaneous pieces of furniture and sheets spread out, here and there. It was dark, but loud since Sophia was screaming. Farrah rushed to get a jar of baby food, but when she offered a spoon of peas, Sophia turned her head and screamed more.

The frustrated, teen single mom, responded by telling her to stop crying and that she wasn’t going to respond to her behavior. It was kind of snarky and like she was talking to an adult who got it. Next, she turned the light off, left the baby crying in the room, on the floor, and walked away.

The Internet and my Facebook page blew up! (Follow me on Twitter too.) How in the hell could she do that? All I have to say is…

It’s OK, Farrah. Call it a bad day, a parenting fail and move on. Yes, I felt bad for Sophia, the helpless, crying baby, but I also felt bad for Farrah, the single teen mom who went into her pregnancy thinking her boyfriend would be around to be her partner and a father to Sophia.

Farrah had a mom meltdown. We all do, well most of us do (according to the 20 random moms I interviewed for a piece I recently submitted to my editor at a women's magazine I write for). It's OK. My advice is, that next time she feels herself coming to that boiling point, she count to 10 and acknowledge the situation for what it is. Crying, hungry baby in unfamiliar place (not to mention cameras rolling). Not baby's fault. Pick up baby, hug her, sit on couch. Offer blanky, pacifier, a bouncing knee. The crying will likely stop. Then feed baby.Take deep (deeper) breath.

As a single mom, I count to 10 every now and then. It really helps me put things in perspective, refrain from yelling, crying and behaving in a way I will surely regret. I'd really like to hug Farrah. I feel for her.

If you watched the show, I’d love to hear your opinion. If not, share just the same, since I recapped. Speaking of teen moms, is Forever 21 encouraging teen pregnancy with their new maternity line?