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My Single Mom Valentine's Day and Date

I had a very special Valentine’s Day with my little boy. We spent the entire day together! I’m exhausted.

First off, my advice to single moms on Valentine's day—enjoy the greatest love of all—your kid. Don't sweat not having a date or a man. I didn't have a date and I don't have an exclusive boyfriend, but I was excited that Valentine’s Day fell on a Tuesday, because I work from home and JD doesn’t attend school (since he goes FT day care hours Mon-Wed-Fri). We woke up with the birds as usual. JD ate a cup of cereal in my bed and I fake slept while he watched cartoons. We were in the kitchen and JD was helping me make coffee (his new fave thing to do for me) by 7:30 AM. I have a one-cup machine and he loves pushing the buttons and stirring the milk and sugar in. Seeing him do this on Valentine’s morning was extra sweet. After I caffeinated and we played, we headed out.

First stop, a local hobby shop that hosts two giant race tracks with cars that you control with little guns. Uncle Bri first introduced JD to this place and we both love it now! We raced for a ½ hour. JD won every race (I’m a softee!) Next we went for lunch and since it was Valentine’s day, I let JD pick the place—a fast food place of course. I let him eat a chicken nuggets and fries kiddy meal every now and then, so I was down. I got a side salad and baked potato—fine dining with my boy!

Next up, car wash baby! Embarrassed to admit the floor of the backseat was a buffet of crackers, pretzels, crumbs and cereal for the past month and every time I went to clean it up, I was too tired and vowed I’d go to the car wash the next day. That day came and JD was obviously thrilled! He loves cars—anything cars! The car wash we go to has giant windows so you can see your car go through the green-clean. I treated myself to a coconut air-freshener—it is Valentine’s day after all. Fancy. Have fun at the car wash: Read this.

Onward to the library. I donated a heap of children's and adult books to the book drive. Then we went downstairs to the children’s department. Miss Kate hosted a Valentine-themed story time and craft. JD and his little library friends went in for reading, singing, dancing and circle time (it’s a great free program) and the moms hung back in the other room. (JD is old enough to cooperate at story time without me! Tear! Where did my baby who used to run around the local Borders during story time go?) After the reading, we made a love bug together with paper hearts, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. JD picked out a new book and special treat—a DVD and we headed home.

I popped his DVD rental, Finding Nemo (great movie for single parent families) in and we relaxed on the couch. Well, I worked on some research and answered a few emails. Some friends from our building stopped over to play and then JD and I ordered dinner—I don’t cook on Valentine’s day.

Chinese food arrived and we dined with some Adele (appropriate) playing in the background. JD ate 5 fortune cookies. My favorite fortune: Many opportunities await you—work harder.

Kids on love—watch this.

Happy Valentine’s Day! What did you do?

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