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Naptime for Mom: Do or Don't


As a working single mom, I tend to have this constant stream of non-stop energy and feel it is fueled by the fact that I do have to take care of JD and there is no one to hand him off to, unless I schedule a sitter or ask family to help out—point I’m trying to make: There’s no immediate help. I could have used it yesterday, too.

JD woke up kind of late, well for him. He came into my room at 7:15 A.M. asking for milk and cartoons. I got up, gave him milk and made coffee. We went to the farmer’s market in humid, 90-degree weather, then a birthday party. I chatted with the moms while JD jumped in various blown up structures.

When the party was over, we walked outside into the thick, hot humid air and I felt a little dizzy. On the way home, JD asked if we could go swimming in our pool and I admittedly said, “I’m not sure, bud. Mommy feels a little sick.” At home, I suddenly got very tired and decided the pool was not happening at the moment. I needed a nap. To take a nap, JD needed to nap. JD doesn’t really nap anymore. I put him in his bed and turned on the sound machine and told him to take a rest—when he woke up, we’d go swimming. I dove into my bed and pulled a blanket up to my chin. I closed my eyes. The whir of the central AC was all I heard. I wasn’t sick. I was exhausted.

This happens sometimes. Sometimes being a working single mom catches up with me and I NEED to rest, like I NEED to breathe. Within minutes of this bliss, I heard JD’s little feet thumping towards my room. “I’m not tired,” he said and climbed into my bed.

I needed to lay still. I can’t explain it.

“OK, lay here with Mommy and let’s have quiet time.”

We ended up falling asleep for two hours. Get Real: Does Your Pre-Schooler Still Take A Nap?

When we woke up, we played Play-Doh and made a fort and campsite and basically enjoyed the AC. I cooked grilled chicken, steamed green beans and bow-tie pasta—all tossed in olive oil, lemon and grated cheese. We ate, went to the park and out for ice cream.

And because I needed a nap and JD doesn’t really nap, he was up until 10 P.M.—in my bed where he slept for the night.

And I don’t regret my nap. I really needed it. I don't feel bad either. We spent all of Saturday at the pool and went out to eat with my NYC friend. These are the types of blogs I'll show JD one day and things will make sense to him.

Single parents, acknowledge you need a break. And take one. It’s OK.

Do you nap?

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