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OMG I Have Actual NYE Plans!

It was New Year’s Eve 2006. I was in a relationship with JD’s dad, pregnant and didn’t know it. Prior to meeting JD’s dad, I made plans with my single NYC girlfriends and bought a plane ticket to San Francisco. That was literally the last time I celebrated New Year’s Eve. No, really.

I stayed at my friend, Lo’s, parents’ house. We went to wine country (I drank wine and ate sushi. I didn’t know I was pregnant!!) We partied and danced, but ya know what? I was uncharacteristically exhausted. JD’s father texted me non-stop while I was away. On NYE he sent me silly texts like, “Rum and Coke Round 4 Missssss Youuuuuuuu!” 2007 rang in and that is the year everything changed. My entire life, every single aspect from love, what I ingested, to where I lived, worked, socialized, spent money, saved money. Everything changed and I had it all to figure out alone. Happy New Year indeed—not! But, then on August 30, 2007 JD was born and yes, indeed, it was the happiest of the years! I am so lucky. Thank God for 2007. I grew up and I fell in love—in love w/ JD.

In 2007 JD was a brandy-new infant. We ate dinner with my family and drove home to our apartment on December 31. We were both asleep by 10 PM and JD was up at 3 AM for a feeding—party at the crib! In 2008 JD had Bronchitis and that about sums up the partying for that entire holiday season—bummer. In 2009 I was admittedly feeling a little sad and lonely. We had an early dinner with family and turned in early. We slept in my bed together. It was cozy and cute and we ate pancakes in bed on Jan 1, 2010. In 2010, I was sick. No plans. NONE.

I am happy, so happy to report I have legitimate New Year’s Eve plans this year. Or should I say, we do. We’re going to a kid-friendly pot-luck New Year’s Eve party in the town I grew up in. I’m making a pasta salad and bringing some appetizers. I won’t be drinking, because I’ll be packing PJs for JD and driving us home at some point—and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I mean someone is making Cannoli dip! We're clearly getting cray cray!! LOL.

We’re going to a New Year’s Eve party! With people! With friends! There will be noise makers and hats! No one is sick (yet). No one is sad. Everything is perfect!

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What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? Do you do something with or without the kiddies? Please share. Keep reading my blog because I have fun Rattled! news to share in 2012 :)

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