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Operation Disney Aulani: What Do YOU Pack In Your Carry-On?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, JD and I are headed to *Disney Aulani on Monday! Here’s what I’m taking in MY carry-on. 

1.  JD’s emergency Asthma inhaler with a child spacer mask for easy administration + Benedryl (I bring Benedryl everywhere—you never know!)

2.  Snacks: Baby carrots, apples, sour dough pretzels. (JD told me he's packing his own snacks!)

3.  My camera (I’m documenting the entire trip! So stay tuned!) JD was 1.5 (aww!) when he took his first flight to sunny California. He got wings and met the pilot. Naturally.

4.  The book I’ve been trying to read for months (but have no time): The Year of Magical Thinking (I will have time on our non-stop flight home. Dear Lord!)

5.  Music (it’s stored in my phone)

6. Travel size Evian spray (I hate airplane air!)

7. Antibacterial wipes

8. Dramamine (sometimes I get air sick) + pain reliever

9. Bathing suit & flip flops for JD and me (the hotel in LA has a pool and you know, luggage lags!)

10. Gum! (I’ll be chomping away as my ear clog and pop survival regime.)

Tune in tomorrow to see what JD is packing in his Cars 2 backpack carry-on. Prob 1,045 cars. 

What do you pack in your carry-on? 

Full disclosure: gifted me this LeSportsac Medium Travel Tote. They have tons more! Disney Aulani is a press trip where some fees are covered by Disney.