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Our Trip To Aulani A Disney Resort & Spa: Installment 1

Hello my friends! We’re back from Aulani A Disney Resort & Spa and this single mommy is a little jet-lagged—and tan! Yawn. Join me as I recap the entire trip…

Poppa Coppa car service dropped JD, Uncle Carlo and me at Newark Liberty International Airport on the 16th at 8 AM. (It was really nice to have my big bro join us. I had a lot of media events to attend at Disney Aulani, plus JD loves being with him and at this age, really needs a guy/dad-figure around.) We checked in at the curb and hugged my Dad goodbye—imagine the theatrics my Italian, overprotective father provided and times that by 10. We breezed through security—JD loved taking his sneakers off and thought it was funny when my solid gold bangle set off the security beep-beep-beep! D’oh! Next, Uncle Carlo got us a ride to the gate in one of those indoor airport golf cart vehicles. This was a huge deal for JD. “Whoa, this is the coolest thing ever, Mom!” he said. “Aulani Disney...will top this,” I had to inform him. Once at the gate, JD was truly amazed, even though it was his third time flying.

JD grabbed the window seat, I sat in the middle and Uncle Carlo got the aisle (despite I warned him he would be on pee duty the entire flight—and he was—17 times. Someone was very impressed by the swoosh-whoosh-quick suction airplane toilets make). When the plane took off JD YELLED, “YEAH!!!!!!!” It was adorable—even the passengers thought so. In fact JD was such a hit that he got FIRST CLASS ice cream. I felt bad for the other kids in Coach, because they did not get this treat. I swear to God I did not ask or pay anyone for this treat, but I will say Uncle Carlo did befriend the flight attendants from the moment we boarded. He even assisted with the 911-plan demonstration when the computer system failed to turn on (blushing and sinking in my seat).

JD was a delight to fly with! He watched Cars 2 on his personal DVD player, ate lunch and snacks, played with his cars, colored five pages of Crayola Color Wonder and played on his Innotab. I listened to Adele and had a rum and Coke. Read my Single Parent Travel Tips!

We got to LAX and stayed at The Sheraton Gateway. It was an airport hotel and reminded me of the movie Up In The Air with George Clooney. And by that I mean, I was hit on in the elevator by a cute, older businessman in a suit with his top button open and tie loosened. “Business or pleasure?” he said ( I was holding four toy cars in my hands on my way back to the pool deck where JD was enjoying an apple juice with Uncle Carlo…who was enjoying a beer.

We relaxed in the 60-degree weather and then my college friends Tanika and Jazmine joined us for dinner. My friend Vanessa, a native NJer also joined us to eat, drink and be merry! It was so great to see my girls and reminisce about college and the Jersey Shore days!

However, JD did not join us for dinner! The time changed kicked his little butt. Luckily he enjoyed chicken fingers and fries at the pool prior.

Keep checking in on Mama’s Boy. I’ll be updating regularly and documenting the entire trip. Cute cute pics and HILARIOUS (OMG) Uncle Carlo stories to come.

Do your kids like to fly? What keeps them busy and content on a plane? Please share!

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