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Our Trip To Sesame Place!

Big thanks to Sesame Place for inviting JD, Uncle Bri and me to experience the park and all it had to offer! We enjoyed whirling rides, water slides, colorful shows and furry friends up close! As a single mom, I have to admit, I was deeeeelighted Uncle Bri came along. I don’t like taking JD to giant places with major crowds alone. He’s fast and his hand easily squirms out of mine—in fact, he pretty much has this mastered now! I also don't like BIG rides, haha! But my boys do!

It was a fun day that started with a road-trip where JD picked out 9013 cars and trucks. Next, we hit up the water rides and wading pool. Grabbed a quick lunch, played on the Silly Sand Slide (JD LOVED!), then met the characters VIP-style and JD went bonkers! The parade was awesome -- music pumping, kids on shoulders waving their hands in the air and lots of smiles.

These are the days I will always remember. Blotting sweat off my brow and chugging water while my son smiles and points at his heroes -- Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster. Check out these great pics:


It's a great family-fun place. There's kiddy cuisine, bathrooms everywhere (+), water rides to keep everyone cool and I mean COOL & CALM (ha!), shaded areas, lockers to store bags and wallets. I'm glad I went. JD, who turns 4 this month was at the perfect age to swoon over the characters, splash in the water, zip around on the rollar coster with Uncle Bri (THANK YOU!) and scarf hot dogs, popcorn and slushies. FUN! FUN! FUN! For more info on Sesame Place click here.

Have you been to Sesame Place? What types of kid-friendly places have you visited? We've done A Day Out With Thomas and a fab Disney Cruise with Matt & Maddy Logelin. And 6000 other kiddy things. Yeah!

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Full disclosure: I was not paid to write about Sesame Place.