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Parenting Resolutions for 2011

OK, friends—let’s talk 2011 parenting resolutions. First up, I vow to trust JD more. If he says he doesn’t have to pee, I’m not forcing him to try (unless we’re about to leave the house, obviously!) Second, when JD says he’s full, I’m not making him clean his plate. You don’t even know how many hours I waste begging JD to take one more bite. You’re full? OK!

3. I vow to finish JD’s albums. I have up to…(so embarrassed to admit!) Christmas 09 printed and organized in albums. The rest of our lives together is on my MacBook and backup drive.

4. I want to donate more time and effort to Shelter Our Sisters. I'm going to see about motivational speaking, since a lot of the women there are single moms with kids who fled abusive husbands/partners. I'm also going to look into donating new toys and clothing to the shelter. I'm so lucky to be in touch with companies who send me products for JD, but I don't really need the freebies, ya know? Let's give 'em to women and kids who do!!! (If you rep a product and want to help, pitch me at

5. Well, I really don’t yell at JD, but of course I want to continue to practice such. Read this blog to see how I refrain from yelling at JD. The tips really work.

6. To steal away by myself and re-charge as a parent, woman and writer.

7. Spend more time with friends. My friends. Not JD's friends (love em all, but I have friends, too!). I don't care if they come over to play trains (and drink wine!) or I go to NYC for sushi (and sake) -- but I'm hanging with my girls more!

8. To date more! Read Single Parent Dating Tips.

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Happy New Year!!! What are your parenting resolutions for 2011?

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