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Pre-School Files: Our Weekend with Mr. Quackers

When I picked JD up from school on Friday, his teacher told me it was JD’s weekend with Mr. Quackers. I silently thought, Dear Lord, please don’t make me take home a live animal. Phew, luckily, Mr. Quackers is a plush duck. His teacher explained that I needed to write down all of the adventures Mr. Quackers went on while spending the weekend with JD and me. After the jump read about our weekend from Mr. Quackers point-of-view (it’s exactly what I wrote in the notebook!)

On Friday night JD and his mommy took me to their condo. We got to ride in an elevator that JD and his mommy call a “rocket ship.” When we got inside, JD's mom announced we were having a pizza party! I love pizza! While we waited for the pizza to arrive we built big towers out of blocks and JD crashed them down with his yellow CAT trucks. Finally the pizza arrived—and it had mushrooms on it! I can’t believe JD likes mushrooms on his pizza—I prefer crackers on mine. I couldn’t believe how much salad JD gobbled up! He only likes “crunchy lettuce.” Next, we took a bubble bath. JD brought at least 10 Matchbox cars into the tub. “Gotta wash em off,” he told me. His mom is so silly. She sang: “Working at the car wash, yeah, do-do-do,” while JD played in the tub. After our bath, JD’s mom read Where The Wild Things Are. JD calls the boy in that book, “Monster Boy.” We also read a Thomas book and a cool Dora book with a sound pad. JD loved pressing the buttons. He laughed when he heard, “Swiper No Swiping!” We went to bed in JD’s green bedroom. His walls are the color of limes! His bedspread has elephants on it!

On Saturday we drove to the bagel store and bought breakfast. When we got home, JD’s Me-Ma (grandma), cousin Juliette and Uncle Carlo came over. We ate bagels and strawberries and blueberries. After breakfast we all went to the park. JD and Juilette took me on the slide. They also loved racing Matchbox cars down the slide. JD yelled: “Ready-Set-Go-Super-Fast!” We sat on a bench and had big rainbow sprinkle cookies and apple-carrot juice boxes—YUMMY IN MY DUCKY TUMMY! When we got home, we played Candy Land. JD did a great job following directions and placing his marker on the colorful trail. JD called himself a “muffin man” when he picked the card with a cupcake on it! After a long, fun-filled day, we went out to eat and JD was so excited to see his Aunt Vanessa (who was at college all day. She’s getting her Masters degree—whatever that is!) We ate chips and guacamole and chicken and French fries. JD had vanilla ice cream for dessert and Juliette had pink raspberry sorbet—JD tried it and loved it. “That tastes fruity in my mouth,” he said.

We spent all of Sunday with JD’s mom. In the morning we went to a cool park and fed the geese pretzels (it was nice to be around my kind). Next, she took us to the Montclair Art Museum. I thought it would be BOR-RING, but JD had so much fun walking around and looking at all of the pictures that were hanging on the walls. His mom asked him what colors he saw and he yelled, “GWEEN!” He loved hearing his echo! It made him laugh. We also drew pictures in the art classroom. When we got home we ate lunch and took a long nap. When we woke up, JD’s mom took us outside to play soccer in the courtyard. We also drove JD’s super-cool remote control fire truck around! It got windy so we came inside and did an art project. We made pasta and meatballs! It was so much fun gluing noodles on paper and then painting them red. JD’s mom said the red paint was tomato sauce! Yummy!

JD’s mom made real pasta for dinner and after we ate we cuddled on the couch and watched Alvin and The Chipmunks. This is JD's favorite movie! He thinks Dave is funny when he yells, "ALLLL-VIN!" What a fun weekend!

Are your kids in school? What types of projects do they bring home? What did you do this past weekend?

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