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Reality Television & Single Moms: Are They Sharing Too Much?

Can we talk about reality television and single moms for a moment? I’m all for sharing stories, setting an example and single mom girl power, but as I’ve said all along, there needs to be a line. A line, where I say, ya know what? I’m not blogging about this. Well, some popular reality shows aren’t drawing that line and I have to wonder, will this be damaging to the child down the road? Will mom have regrets? For example… [Spoiler Alert!]

Last night on Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, Kardashian sisters, Kourtney and Kim fled their condo after Scott (the father of Kourtney’s son, Mason) went completely ballistic when Kourtney woke him up (uh, in the middle of the day) to ask him why it smelled like weed (LIKE WEED) in their home. The cameras show Kim cradling Mason in the bathroom, looking concerned as the yelling grows louder and things begin to bang and crash to the floor. Next, Kourtney runs into the bathroom and locks the door. The sisters escape with Mason to a friend’s home, but not before Scott pounds his fist into a mirror. This is when the producers behind the show are heard saying, “He cut his hand bad!”

In the scenes that follow, we see Kourtney discussing Scott’s problem with alcohol and rage and hear her tearful phone conversation with him. She says, “I can’t do this. I love Mason more than I love you.” She tells him he needs help and can’t see Mason until he gets treatment. Speaking of treatment, it turns out that Scott really damaged his hand and ended up needing surgery. When he asked Kourtney to come to the hospital she almost went, but turned back. Good.

What a dramatic episode! Full disclosure, I love the Kardashian sisters. I think they’re savvy, sexy and go-getters—and I completely commend Kourtney for the way she handled Scott. She got Mason out of harm’s way and set up a protective wall, but I’m still wondering if airing such turmoil is healthy. This show could have been a sweet keepsake to show Mason one day, but I mean, would you want to see your Dad going nuts and making your mom cry? Probably not. Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami isn’t the only reality show on E! featuring a sexy, single mom who puts it all out there.

I’m also a tad miffed (amused?) by the show, Holly’s World, that follows the Miami drama. It stars Holly Madison, who is known foremost as Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend and the show, The Girls Next Door. Holly is cute, quirky and has a big heart. In fact, she is so generous that she bought her twenty-one-year-old single mom assistant, Angel Porrino, breasts for her birthday. Yipeee!

Angel confuses me a tad—every time I watch this show and see her acting silly, laying by the pool sipping cocktails (I don't lay by any pool because I'm chasing JD around!) and last night, dancing and drunk at her birthday party, I want to scream: Where’s your kid, honey? Her not-even-two-year-old son, Roman, is home with her mom. Hey, maybe Angel has an agreement with E! that she doesn’t want him on the show, but you still have to wonder if being Holly’s assistant and living a Vegas lifestyle is an appropriate career move for a young single mom. OK, I’m sure (I'm certain) she’s getting a pretty penny to be on the show and make guest appearances, but at what cost? I agree that moms, especially single moms need adult fun and a break from time to time, but does that break include flying to LA for a breast enhancement and then being laid up recovering? Angel said it herself last night, “I miss Roman, I wish I could play with him.” Well, you chose to be away from him…The good news is, horray for Hollywood (or should I say, Holly's World?) and by that I mean, we have no clue what life is like for Angel and Roman because we don't get to see it. Her cast bio says she "still lives at home with her parents," so I'm guessing (hoping) there's a crib in her bedroom.

As for me, I wrote Rattled!, a memoir about getting pregnant at 26 and I’ve been blogging about my life with JD for over three years, but I’m confident in saying I’ve drawn a line. I’ve shied away from early-on conversations with my literary agent about a reality show that would bring cameras into my home and I’ve drawn lines in my writing, too. I most recently turned down a five-day FREE press trip “To Experience Caribbean Paradise in Mexico,” because it meant being away from my son. It would have been fun, no doubt, but my time is better spent potty-training JD, playing in the pool and well, being his mom AND DAD.

I want to hear your thoughts—are reality single moms choosing fame over family? Should they draw a line when it comes to airing baby-daddy drama and other personal things like sex, boob jobs and boozing? I blogged about reality star, teen single mom, Farrah, here--check it out and share your thoughts!