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Recap: JD's Third Birthday

Hi everyone! I know you're all gearing up for the long weekend, but before you head to the beach or BBQ, I thought you might like to see some pics from JD's birthday dinner. Enjoy the cuteness!

My family and I took JD to Positano in Wayne. Since I'm friends with the owners, we got some pretty special treament! Here's JD making his very first pizza pie with his cousin, Juliette and (owner) Joey.

JD is a pizza making pro -- check him out!

The finished product was delish! (I actually ate the remains while watching RHONJ, oy!)

Well, everything at Positano is delish!

JD beamed when the cake arrived! (That's my mom, JD's "MeMa.")

Well, we all beamed! I was obviously VERY excited for cake -- that's ice cream cake, btw.

Here's my Dad, JD's Poppy.

JD had a blast and he's now the owner of even more Matchbox cars (Lord, help me!) Have a very happy Labor Day weekend! We are jam-packed with car shows, street fairs, pool parties and BBQs.

If you live in North NJ, I highly suggest you check out Positano for lunch or dinner. Visit their website here.

Full disclosure: I was not compensated to write about Positano.