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Shoe Shopping. For My Kid.

JD is growing like a weed. He is currently 35 pounds and 41 inches tall. Nothing fits him. So after a shopping spree at TJ Maxx, Target and Old Navy he’s set with jeans, army fatigue cargoes (two hues), khaki pants, corduroys (navy and tan), sweats, long-sleeve rugby shirts, tees, preppy button downs and a cool army fatigue hoody with a fuzzy fleece lining I found at Walmart when I stopped in to buy K-Cups. Yes, JD was with me on our shopping excursion and yes, he had his opinions (he's my kid). I let him pick out a Buzz Light Year long-sleeve tee, an orange polo with yellow stripes and even a pair of Woody jammies. So, yes I let him pick out his clothes sometimes, but sometimes I say no. I recently blogged that a local shoe boutique we shop at sent a sizing reminder via a postcard addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Coppa. Our son was ready for new kicks. #iiiyiiiiii We stopped in over the weekend, even though JD seemed to have room in the size 11 Nikes I bought for him over the summer. They were a little grubby and we’re shoe people (ahem, I'm a shoe person), so what the heck.

“I want green sneakers, Mom,” he said.

I picked out a pair of Navy Nikes with a lime green swoosh. They were cool. I’d wear em. JD got sized and was almost an 11.5, sob. The woman helping us came bounding out from the curtain with four boxes of sneakers, but none were the Nikes I wanted. Great.

“I kept everything green and navy, but I don’t have the Nikes in his size,” she said.

She pulled out blue sneakers with a green eagle on them. They lit up like a Christmas tree. Of course they did. JD loved them. NO. It was the bird. And OK, the lights.

Next, blue and green sneakers with white shark teeth along the sides. Why? NO. They looked like they were going to eat me. Ah!

Shiny grass green sneakers with a red symbol of sorts. Huh? They left me wanting white, know, Italian sneakers. Ha.

Then a cool pair of sneaks with navy blue netting, silver Velcro double straps and lime green accents. YES.

But JD was already shoving his sweaty-from-the-park-socked-foot into the dreadful shark teeth ones and they were $55 and he wasn’t getting them. My reasoning—not so much the price, the teeth -- CHOMP-CHOMP. They were weird. What would he wear them with? I like him to match, I admit. I pulled the shoe off and said, “Yikes, it’s too small!” and the woman helping us began to say, “No—,” but I shot her a look and mouthed, “I don’t like them.” JD did not freak out. We got the navy netting ones and a pair of classic navy Converse with white laces. He reacted super-chill about the whole ordeal. If someone removed a Manolo from my foot and said it didn’t fit, I might have cried, then made it fit. Thrown a fit?!  #missingthoseNYCsamplesales. To that same note, JD cries and bugs when I don’t let him buy a car to add to his 650 count collection. Boys and their things. Girls and their shoes, I guess.

Do you let your kids pick out their own clothes and shoes when you go shopping? Are you a mom that likes her kiddo to match?

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