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Should I Feel Guilty For Sending My Kid To Day Care On A Non Work Day?

This morning a reader sent me a Facebook message asking if it was bad she dropped her daughter at day care and took the day off from work so “the mother ship could refuel.” My thoughts after the jump. 

Um, no! In fact, I am sitting on my couch typing this blog while JD is at school. I usually work at the magazine Mon-Wed-Fri, but my schedule got switched up this week. My editor told me to skip Monday and work other days this week last Friday. I could have kept JD home from school today, but why would I? For one, the tuition for April is paid and he’s in a competitive, fun preschool program. He needs school just as much as I need a day to myself. So here’s what I did today, so far.

Dropped JD at school at 8:45 AM, as opposed to 7:15 AM.

Grabbed a coffee at Dunkin Donuts and made a calm trip to the supermarket where I was able to shop without being asked for "a cool Pez guy," cheese from the Deli man or sugar cereal.

When I got home I unloaded the bags and went straight to the gym in my building (love!). I did cardio for forty-five minutes and my shirt was sopping wet when I was done. I also worked on my arms, all while listening to tunes on my iPhone. Tunes, like Graffiti6 Free (love it, totally pumps me up!)

After my workout I took the stairs to my condo (yeah!) and immediately began cleaning. Yes, cleaning—on a kid-free day. What can I say? JD has asthma and it’s better I clean and scrub when he’s not here, ya know? I don't have a cleaning lady and I like to break out the real products, not green ones. Oh and my little cleaning project turned into a three-hour Spring cleaning fest.

I broke for lunch: Turkey, provolone, greens and balsamic all wrapped up in a wheat wrap. And a plum. Next, I threw a load of laundry in.

With the floors and condo clean and fresh smelling, I jumped in the shower (and took a real long, hot one), then set to work on a personal essay I’m working on. It’s about how motherhood cost me a best friendship (I was deleted from Facebook and all). I wrote and cried and thought over it for a bit and now I’m blogging and watching Donnie Brasco. Johnny Depp is hot in this movie. 

JD’s school is open till 6 PM. I think I’ll chill here till 5ish. I’m even serving leftover spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, instead of a freshly cooked meal, even though, I clearly had the time to prep something, hahah.

Yes, it’s OK to let the mother ship refuel even if it entails working out (got those endorphins pumping today!), scrubbing floors, working and watching mob movies. I did it all in peace and quiet without interruption. Glorious. Victorious. Winning. 

Moms, how do you refuel? 

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