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Sh*t Italian Grandfathers Say

I am dying over all this Sh*t XYZ say! Have you seen this Sh*t Italian Mothers Say video? OMG, hilarious! It made me think of my own family and the sh*t they say! Keep reading for the Italian Grandfather Edition.

1. He needs a haircut. Me: He just got a haircut, Dad

2. Make sure you put an undershirt on him, it’s cold out. Me: It’s 50 degrees out.

3. I made meatballs and gravy. These are for today. Put this container in the freezer and eat them on Wednesday.

4. His father is disgrazia (a disgrace). He's %&^*$*#*@!$$#@$$@$@!!!!!!!!! For the record, he does not say this around JD.

5. He’s hungry. I’m gonna throw some macaroni. Me: It’s 11 AM. Dad: You’re right. Get me an egg, some cheese and prosciutto—I’ll make an omelette. JD: Mom, can I have Fruit Loops?

6. Sit down and eat.

7. Kiss your mother.  

8. Christine, I have a nice boy for you to meet. He’s Italian.

9. I have a surprise for you. (Hands JD gift for no reason.)

10. Lock the lock, Christine. Says this after locking first lock behind him and waits to hear the bolt lock click. Then jiggles handle. Twice.

What kind of sh*t does your Dad say? How does your Dad feel about your child's absent Dad (cringe)? This is a safe place. Share your comments!

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